Thursday, December 1, 2016

MARSEILLE, A teenager killed in front of a high school: five guards to view The Dauphiné Libéré

A high school student 16-year-old died on Thursday afternoon after being seriously injured stabbed to death, near a high school in the south of Marseille, and the lycée professionnel Poinso-Chapuis. The teen was hit at the level of the carotid artery and the thorax.

police Operation in progress

“cardio-respiratory arrest”, he had been supported for a “serious injury” by the sailors-firefighters in front of the building to 17 hours, said the latter. The victim died during his transport to the hospital.

Three minors were, at first, were arrested during a police operation, said the prosecutor of the Republic of Marseille, Xavier Tarabeux. Two other suspects have been in police custody during the evening: the main alleged perpetrator and a person.

one of The attackers was with his mother…

“This death is a result, apparently, of a dispute between two high school students who are in their first year of professional degree, a dispute which we do not know the origin,” said the magistrates, on the site of the drama. At the end of the course, a brawl broke out in front of the high school Poinso-Chapuis between a high school student that his mother had come to seek and to another with which there was conflict, accompanied by three students of the lycée Léonard de Vinci, a city-center property.

The entourage managed to separate them, but the young man who was accompanied by his mother, took a knife out and brought two blows one of the students of Leonardo da Vinci, wounding him seriously. The four high school students involved, including the attacker, were arrested, as well as the mother of the latter, said Xavier Tarabeux. The attacker “has no known history,” he said.

“Great tension”

The property Poinso-Chapuis is located in the 8th arrondissement of Marseille, in a district rather easy, rarely touched by the violence that is experienced by some cities disadvantaged of the city. Not far from the sea, it is specialized in the fields of boating, inlay, marine, cabinet making or maintenance in the water.

“A large number of colleagues alert us about the great tension that prevails in Marseille, in the last few weeks, especially but not only before the institutions of education a priority,” responded in a press release Gilles Auteroche, academic secretary of the national Union of the personnel of department of national Education (SNPEN-UNSA). The trade unionist says he has expressed “concerns” to the rector, and having requested the presence of security agents in front of the establishments.
“The violence that was unleashed in front of this school this evening demonstrates that it is urgent to work on all these issues of education,” responded the vice-president to the security of the region Paca, Caroline Pozmentier. A meeting around the prefect must be organized urgently in the face of “this violence is intolerable”.


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