Wednesday, December 14, 2016

More than a billion user accounts Yahoo! have been hacked – The World

The group announced in a press release to have been a victim of a cyber attack in August 2013. The data bank would not have been affected.

The Yahoo group! announced Wednesday, December 14, having been the victim of a cyber attack in 2013. It has hit ” over a billion “ of users. The names, telephone numbers or dates of birth of customers may have been stolen.

The firm of Sunnyvale believes, however, that the information concerning their credit cards or their bank accounts have not been affected. Recent ” are not stored in the system that the group believes to have been assigned “, according to the press release of Yahoo!.

This incident is ” likely “ separate from the huge cyber-attack revealed at the end of September, which was dated 2014, and involved 500 million user accounts.

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Context sensitive for Yahoo!

While the group crosses of great financial hardship, this new setback majeure occurs at the most inopportune time. Yahoo! has entered into an agreement in late July to give the telecom giant Verizon its activities to core business – Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, etc. – for $ 4.8 billion.

After the revelation of the hacking of 2014, Verizon stated that he was ready at the end of October to carry out the transaction, but had warned that he would not ” blindly “.


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