Sunday, December 11, 2016

Primary PS: Vincent Peillon announced his candidacy – Release

The ex-minister Vincent Peillon announced on Sunday evening on France 2 its application to the primary of the PS to defy his former colleagues in the government, such as Manuel Valls, or Arnaud Montebourg, and defend the balance of the quinquennium Holland.

Removed from the political scene, hexagonal, Mr Peillon mep of 56 years, devoted the past two and a half years, in Switzerland, in his courses at the university of Neuchâtel and to the writing of novels – his second, will be released in February.

But the decision of François Hollande does not represent, for the first time in the history of the Fifth Republic, has pushed it to appear. “The judgments on his person and his action are unjust (…) Very quickly, the French will appreciate it and its person, and its balance sheet,” he said on France 2.

Mr Peillon is posed in “a candidate of a political ethics”, determined to “gather” the left will win the presidential election in the face of the extreme right of Marine Le Pen and the right hand of François Fillon. He ruled that Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Emmanuel Macron, with that “of course” it could work, candidates for the presidential election without going through the box primary, were “persons of value”. It was, however, criticized Mr. Macron, but also Manuel Valls, on their attack on the 35 hours that they have finally “held”.

Supported by several members of parliament Patrick Mennucci, Eduardo Rihan Cypel, Patrick Bloche -, Mr Peillon would have the merit, according to his relatives, to be at the “balance point” of the left.

According to several elected socialists interviewed by the AFP, the nomination of Mr. Peillon would have been encouraged by “relatives of Stéphane Le Foll” -also a stalwart of the head of State. Others see the hand of eu commissioner Pierre Moscovici, or even Martine Aubry, who has strongly denied the charge. The entourage of Anne Hidalgo, meanwhile, reported that the mayor of Paris, without having generated this application, looked at “a good eye”.

Mr Peillon has swept this to the back of their hand on France 2, ensuring he has taken his decision “in the solitude of his conscience.”

- ‘I regret it’ -

Manuel Valls, whose application has not to this point been the source of impetus in his camp, had welcomed rather freshly the return of Vincent Peillon. “It may not be a candidate for weakening. This is my design. It may not be a candidate against,” he said Wednesday. “It’s a boy intellectual who thinks through the problems of France. And I’m not going to disqualify a word or a formula”, he also had to temperate the former Prime minister.

Mr. Peillon “is because there are a number of people who will not accept what comes to pass (the cessation of Mr. Holland), I regret it,” said on BFM TV Didier Guillaume, the patron saint of the PS senators, and campaign manager for Mr. Valls. For him, the primary of the PS should not be likened to a “congress” of the party.

The nomination of Mr Peillon is not necessarily good news for Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon : if it weakens Manuel Valls in the first round, it is likely to provide a reservoir of votes for the second.

Close to Benoît Hamon, the deputy Pascal Cherki, rallied Friday with the news of his nomination, comparing it to that of Jean-François Copé, “which also occupied a central position in the UMP”, which got 0.3% of votes in the primary from the right.

For Mr. Mennucci, deputy for the Bouches-du-Rhône, the former minister of Education, author of the reform of school timetables, was “ready to support François Hollande in spite of disagreements on the law on work, on the deprivation of nationality”.

“The decision of the president of the Republic has opened my eyes to the need to occupy a political space that is the social-democracy,” continued Mr. Mennucci.

The elected marseillais place Vincent Peillon “in the line of Lionel Jospin”. Its positioning? “Broad freedom” on the issues of society, keeping “in mind the most disadvantaged social classes” on economic issues.

His nomination should therefore be the 6th, in addition to those of Montebourg, Valls, Hamon, Rugy, Bennahmias, not to mention those of the more uncertain Filoche, Larrouturou (New deal) and Faudot (Cdm).



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