Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Prison of Fresnes : Adeline Hazan denounces “any form of violence commonplace” – Europe1


An institution full to overflowing, invaded by rats, where some supervisors overwhelmed have developed habits violent : the comptroller general of places of deprivation of liberty published Wednesday, comments damning the prison of Fresnes, Val-de-Marne, after a visit of two weeks in early October.

“human rights Abuses”. “that was What made me the most shocked, this is the synthesis and the cumulation of all these violations of fundamental rights of the persons deprived of their liberty, in the case of the detainees : both massive overpopulation of 200% ; a state deplorable of the whole establishment, whether in cells, visiting rooms or walk ; use made of force and a state of hygiene deplorable, since the rats proliferate both in the vicinity of the institution, but also on the inside,” growls Adeline Hazan on Europe 1.

“we need to dératiser and put an end to the fact that, currently, half of the people are three in cells of 10m2 whereas initially cells made for one person. This is absolutely not tolerable”, continue to press the controller, which is also a concern of the trivialization of violence within the institution.

Heard on Europe 1

70% of supervisors are trainees. This is not possible.

“other means may be employed.” When someone, for example, simply refuses, and non-violent way to return to her cell, five or six guards come and hold him by force, a force extremely difficult and painful, while other means may be employed and are also in other prisons,” recalls the ex-elected socialist. Three supervisors have recently been the subject of disciplinary sanctions, which, according to a source in prison, for hitting a prisoner in the midst of a crisis of epilepsy.

“The supervisors are not effective enough.” “What we condemn, it is a form of violence trivialized, but that is also the consequence of the fact that the supervisors are not effective enough. There has been 20% of inmates, in addition, between 2012 and 2016 and the same number of supervisors, or a supervisor for 150 inmates about. Necessarily, there are slip-ups,” says Adeline Hazan. “These slips are not acceptable and must be punished, but we are not able to nothing if one does not do that to punish. It is important to ensure that the staff is more and more formed. In a prison such as Fresnes, a prison difficult, as everyone knows, 70% of supervisors are trainees. This is not possible. It is to this also that it is necessary that the keeper of the Seals fix it.”


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