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School, universal income, 32 hours… What we need to remember to Benoît Hamon in “The political show” – The World

a Candidate in the primary to the left, the former minister from the left wing of the PS has held its proposals in view of the presidential election.

Benoît Hamon on the set of

It is often in the shadow of Arnaud Montebourg with which it had been released to the government in August 2014. Benoît Hamon, a candidate in the primary of the left, has asserted its differences, Thursday, December 8, down its proposals on the plateau ofThe political show ” on France 2. Time to work, education, cannabis, universal income… this is what we can remember of his speech.

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  • Who should be a candidate in the primary ?

For Benoît Hamon, the resignation of François Hollande to run for his own succession will allow the candidates in the primary to the left of ” say what is the idea we have of the left ” outside of the personality of the president of the Republic-he hoped. As Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, and several personalities on the left, Mr. Hamon would like to see Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Emmanuel Macron attend this primary school, they refuse for the time being. “ If you think you might be able to bring together the left come the primaries “, has-t-he launched, adding :

” I fear that Jean-Luc Mélenchon wants to lose the PS and not win the left. “

If there ” assume the gateways ” with the program of the founder of the left party, the difference, according to him, is compared to Europe. M Hamon do not believe that it is necessary to establish ” a power ” with Brussels and the european partners, in contrast to MM. Montebourg and Mélenchon. the ” The protectionism is exercised at the borders of Europe “, and not inside, threatening to “take his freedom” he said.

  • ” I accept the rules of the primary “

when Asked about whether he would support Manuel Valls in the case where the former prime minister would win the primary to the left, Benoît Hamon was assured that he would do it without missing a beat. the ” When one is a candidate, he accepts the rules “, has he hammered. ” there are differences of very important proposals with Manuel Valls “, has granted Mr. Hamon, but “not the right and left irreconcilable” contrary to what had been said in February, his former colleague in the government.

  • away with the “myth” of growth

Mr. Hamon is distinguished by a program that he calls “abandonment” of the ” myth “ of the growth. “The growth of the gross domestic product, it is a convention, but the economic wealth it does not say happiness, level of development, inequality… “, he explained.

” The drive to consume leads us to the catastrophe, the productivity is leading us to catastrophe “, is still the deputy of the Yvelines department, which considers that the efforts made in order to favour growth during the quinquennium, had no effect on it.

  • ” I was ready to want to do 32 hours “

Benoît Hamon defended himself for having ever proposed to lower the legal duration of the work. the ” Since I entered the campaign, I was ready to want to do 32 hours “, he said, explaining that he had no intention of going back on the 35 hours but ” to encourage the part-time “. ” It is necessary to accompany transitions “, pleaded Mr. Hamon, ensuring that all the jobs destroyed by automation will not be re-created. For him, these transitions ” will bring men and women to work less.”

  • universal Income and funding

Another pane notable of his program, which goes hand in hand with the reduction of working time : the introduction of a universal income for the existence of an amount of 535 euros per month. A measure that would cost 300 billion euros per year. When asked about funding, Mr. Hamon was felt that it was necessary first to see the ‘meanings’ of what is ” a new social Security “.

This universal income will include all of the minimum wage, the housing benefit and family and will be financed he said in several ways, through a tax reform – that ” save the middle and working classes ” –, by fighting against tax evasion and taking ” social security contributions on the work of the robots “ when they replace that of a human being.

  • Extend to secondary schools the reform of the priority education

After you have defended the results of the quinquennium in the national education, the one who has held this portfolio for four months, has expressed his intention, if elected, to extend the reform of the education priority for high schools. This reform, implemented on the entire territory at the beginning of 2015, was restricted until then to schools and colleges, including support for the sixth time for the joint work of professors and premiums raised.

” If there is one area where we must continue to invest it is the one of the national education system “, has insisted Mr. Hamon. He proposed the recruitment of 20,000 teachers to implement cycles of continuous training for teachers, but also an additional 20 000 jobs to ” to continue to give priority to the primary school “.

” You must set a goal for that, on cycle 2 [CP to CE2], there is no more than 20 students per class on average. “

This is one of the measures flagship of its program. Asked about his proposal to legalize cannabis and not, as in many other policies, to decriminalize the use, Mr. Hamon explained that he wanted ” to spend the money mobilized on the repression to prevention “ to use in order to fight against what is ” the main economy of the drug in France “.

  • Environment : “what shocks me is the questioning of the precautionary principle “

Asked about the risks of endocrine disrupters, Mr. Hamon has taken the “industry” which ” manufacture of doubt, in disregard of the health of their families “. For the candidate in the primary, ” as soon as there is a hint of danger to the health of the French people “, argue ” a precautionary principle “.

The former minister has on this occasion taken the program of François Fillon who intends to challenge this principle enshrined in the Constitution. “ This indicates to us that it will not make a policy to protect the health of the French but protective of private interests “, he accused.

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