Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The amazing first day of campaign of the candidate, Manuel Valls, Le Figaro

The former prime minister, now on the road to the presidential election, must first convince voters of the left who will vote in the socialist primaries next month.

“Go for periods bumpy, I love it !” Upon his arrival the co-op Fruit of the Lomont, Noirefontaine (Doubs), on Wednesday, Manuel Valls, has given the tone of his campaign. Meet a cheesemonger who narrait the anecdote of the “messenger lame”, an almanac switzerland, which announces the bad weather conditions in the winter, the applicant has wanted to play the optimism. “If I win the primary, I will come back here, again, in the Doubs, because it is a thread of victory “, he launched. Referring to the two visits he had made in 2015 to support the PS candidate in the legislative part, Frédéric Barbier, who had prevailed against the mep FN Sophie Montel. A symbol.

For its first trip as a candidate, Manuel Valls had programmed a real day marathon : a tour of four cities, (Fesches-le-Châtel, Noirefontaine, Audincourt and Montbéliard), and two companies, as well as a meeting with the representatives of the staff of the companies Faurecia and Peugeot Scooter. His goal : to try to win back an electorate worker seduced by the FN, thought to be more receptive to the challenges posed by de-industrialisation. “It is not the most liked, but not the most hated either. Anyway, here it is more FN’, blowing a shopping resigned, who is said to no longer believe in the policy.

On the Christmas market of Montbéliard, a thousand people had come to welcome the former prime minister. It would offer a drive and a walkabout. But this step was ultimately not taken place, due to timing and organization. Because the resources of the candidate Valls are not the same as those of the prime minister. And he seems to have rediscovered this Wednesday, at their own expense. And he traveled in second class, to travel from Paris to Montbeliard, and the tail at the car-bar to restore. Ditto when, in his movements, he borrowed more a procession marked by sag vehicles, but is subject to the vagaries of traffic congestion. “It is another life, this is not a drama”, so he just does it drag. “Me, I like the contact, I never lost. During all those years of Beauvau or the prime minister’s office, I often went to Evry.”, adds the former prime minister, who is defined as the “challenger” of the election.

Although it is the favorite in the primary, according to a study by Elabe for BFMTV, a survey BVA Salesforce for Orange and the regional press gives unable to reach the second round of the presidential election, and this regardless of the scenario of the first round. “Nothing is written”, says he, citing the examples of the Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump and François Fillon to be convinced that it is “the only one who can win the presidential election”. “The decision of the president of the Republic is also the possibility of a rebound,” judge said it even in front of his relatives, to whom he slips wanting “to combine fidelity and renewal.”

Manuel Valls, the likely nomination of Vincent Peillon is a new obstacle. “It may not be a candidate to weaken, he responded. This is not my design. It may not be a candidate against it.” The ex-prime minister blurted out that he was “not a candidate to participate in a new debate on the left.” “The left loves to talk about itself, and sometimes it is its reason to be,” he ironisé.

By the end of the day, at Audincourt, the former prime minister has held a meeting in front of 500 people, who were warmly applauded upon his arrival. The team of the candidate had carefully chosen the music for his entrance in scene, The Final Countdown (the countdown ). “I am not a candidate in the primary to appear, I want to win. Yes, that word that in our ranks we do not dare to pronounce “, he said to the tribune, seeking to fine-tune the image of the candidate gatherer. “I am at the center, at the heart of what is left “, he argued. “I wanted my first trip candidate here. In these territories, which I know the anxieties, these industrial regions who may feel forgotten, decommissioned, who have so many strengths to assert “, he launched it. Then followed a plea for the “globalization at the service of the peoples “, the industrialization, and the improvement of the condition of workers. Some of the themes that should mark the p rogram of the candidate Valls.


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