Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Christmas bonus paid to “more than 2.5 million people” – The Point

The Christmas bonus of a certain amount of “unchanged” compared to last year, will be paid this week to “more than 2.5 million people,” announced Tuesday the minister of social Affairs Marisol Touraine in Western France.

This bonus is a boost for the more modest, a few days before the holidays”, said Ms Touraine, recalling that his “payment will be made automatically by bank transfer this week.”

The amount remains unchanged and depends on the composition of the household, 152 euros for a single person 320 for a couple with two children”, she added.

“More than 2.5 million French citizens will receive this award this year,” she said. If the amount does not increase, “it is paid this year to more people. It is an additional commitment by the State for a total cost of 500 million euros”.

implemented by the Jospin government in 1998, the Christmas bonus is intended in particular to the beneficiaries of Income of active solidarity (RSA) and the Allowance of specific solidarity (ASS, for long-term unemployed).

the amount has almost not varied since its inception, with the exception of an additional flat-rate outstanding paid in 2008 to compensate for the delay on the rising inflation.

According to the minister, “the government continues to pursue its commitment in favour of the more modest ones, after the revaluation of 2% of the RSA in September, the expansion of universal health Coverage complementary (CMU-C) and of aid to complementary health (ACS). Not to mention the creation of the premium of activity, which enjoys today more than 2.3 million homes, of which some 500,000 young people”.

In a statement, the ministry of social Affairs has given the detail of the amounts of the Christmas bonus: 152,45 euros for a single person, 228,67 euros for a couple without children or a person with a child, 274,41 euros for a person with two children or a couple with a child, 320,14 euros for a couple with two children, or even 335,39 euros for a person with three children. She reached 457,35 € for a person with five children.

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