Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Guyana gold ! – The Parisian

ELECTION. For the first time in the history of the competition, Miss Guyana was crowned yesterday night live on TF 1. Miss France 2017 is 18 years old and is named Alicia Aylies

Lare the thirty most beautiful women of France, ” announces the voice-over in the preamble. In front of the Christmas tree, on a background of Coldplay, thirty candidates framed by dancers, including a distant look-alike of M. Pokora dyed blond, engaged in a choreography to the Bollywood, on the stage of the Arena of Montpellier. A cocktail improbable, but the markers arrive. The indéboulonnable Jean-Pierre Foucault, of which the tan would envy Donald Trump, is still there. Sylvie Tellier also. “Beauty, elegance and glamour” promise-they in chorus. Arielle Dombasle and her dress is ultra-form fitting, color bag tree, sells ” moments of pure magic “. It is left for the presentations. A litany videos where every Miss is in making the swing in the above image of the region. So many moments interminable, during which the candidate linked the intimate confessions : parents with severe disease, a victim of harass ment or bullying, the loss of a friend or even why one of them has become vegetarian…

Among the jury, Amir, fresh from his success since his excellent place at the Eurovision contest, observe methodically. The camera immortalizes, smug. It is 21: 50 and this is the first cut-off pub. “Go it is party for twenty minutes,” fun for web users. Because in 2016, the evening can be enjoyed also on the social networks. Return tray with a table in which the Miss dance in an atmosphere of ” snow Queen “. And this is the first fall. Violent. Miss Mayotte, who has had to deal with a sprain since the afternoon, collapses on stage. A “classic” that will not chance because it will be eliminated in the first round.

Magic Christmas

The musical band tries everything and especially anything : “Pourvu qu’elles soient douces” by Mylène Farmer to ” Papa Penguin “. And then Jean-Pierre announcement ” of the lutines in a bathing suit “. Amir is still flown in the face of a gourmand in front of the window of a pastry shop. Miss Centre-Val de Loire-responding to him by drawing a heart with your fingers. And after a headband adorned with snowmen gingerbread, the Miss is cap of Christmas balls. “There is so much beauty. I am amazed, you never get bored not for a second, ” says, at 22: 30, Amir. It had been properly noticed. 22 h 38. Iris Mittenaere, the Miss France 2016, called the twelve semi-finalists after also made a heart with his fingers. A sign is decidedly a la mode.

the screen displayed a montage with flames for the classic fashion show into two parts. And the medley is always so disconcerting : of Stromae and David Bowie in passing by Brigitte Bardot. The five finalists paraded a little before midnight, with wings in the back formed with light strings.

In the last line right, the members of the jury pose questions to the last candidate in the running. Arielle Dombales criticizes the name of Amir, and is called Emir, the networks gloussent. Finally, Alicia Aylies, Miss Guyana, weeping, receives the crown. A first for this French overseas department. It is the magic of Christmas !


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