Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Valls called Macron to participate in the primary : “Do not be afraid, come and discuss” – Obs

“My responsibility is to gather”. The day after his announcement of candidacy for the primary from the left, Manuel Valls, has not deviated from the line he had sketched out Monday night to Evry. On the plateau du JT de 20h de France 2, Tuesday, the ex-Prime minister has once again tried to shed its image of a “maverick”. In the Face of the journalist David Pujadas, he is in rallying the left :

“I don’t want the extreme right to be in the second round, I do not mean that France accepts the project of François Fillon [...] I don’t want the left to be eliminated, so it is my responsibility to win,” says he, ” more incisive than in his speech of Evry.

The candidate Manuel Valls launched his campaign at the charge

“of course there have been mistakes and failures”

For his first interview as a candidate, the one who was still Prime minister a few hours ago, emploie to take on and defend the balance of the quinquennium of Francois Hollande, including recognizing “errors and failures”. “We have not achieved all our objectives, but we have helped to straighten the country, its economy, its industry, protect its social model”, argues he, before attacking the candidate of the right, François Fillon, who wears “the project is the hardest that has ever existed” including social security.

“I know the skepticism of the French [...]. But they will now be able to compare with the program of the extreme right, which would leave the France of the history and the ruin, and the program of social degradation of François Fillon.”

“I am convinced that France wants both that there is an authority [...] and at the same time we preserve our social justice, our social model. And I think the left and what I play is exactly what the French expect,” he continued, before launching a call to the French “left”, “progress” and “republicans” to participate in the primary initiated by the PS.

Manuel Valls, who is described by the “challenger” of the presidential election, don’t escape pasà a few questions about his responsibility for the decision of François Hollande not to run again in 2017. A responsibility that it seeks to minimize :

“do You believe for one moment that the one who is confronted with the terrorist attacks, the intervention in Mali, the Sahel, etc, you believe that it is to oppose a nomination ?”, response to-t-it.

Bernard Cazeneuve : the 5 shadows that clouded his passage to the IntérieurQuestionné in the very end of the interview about his rivalry with Emmanuel Macron, Manuel Valls took the opportunity to call back to the unit by inviting his ex-minister to participate in the primary of the left :

“To save the left, it is necessary to participate at this time major. I say, ‘Do not be afraid, come and discuss and accept the verdict of democracy’. Nothing is written, that everyone would come into this confrontation.”

Now freed from his Prime minister, Manuel Valls is expected in the Doubs department of france on Wednesday, where he must spend the day before holding its first meeting of the campaign on the same evening.

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