Monday, December 19, 2016

Valls takes to the “cynicism” of Fillon, Le Figaro

Manuel Valls, a candidate in the primary, initiated by the PS, lashed out Sunday at the “cynicism” of François Fillon, whom he accused of “changing the program” between the primary right and the presidential election. “This project (Mr Fillon), it is less independence for France, compared to Russia and it is a tough project for the French in challenging the foundations of the social model,” said Mr. Valls, in the margin of a distribution of leaflets in the Ninth arrondissement of Paris.

The applicant of the right to the presidential has particularly fallen on his project for the reform of social security, withdrawing this week from his website a contested measure, even in his own camp. “You can’t change project and programme between the primary and before the French. It is cynicism, it is not honest,” said Manuel Valls.

“Me, I want to defend a Republic firm on the principles, about secularism, about rights, about duties, but a Republic so benevolent and generous, which ensures that everyone has access to health care for example, this is a big difference between François Fillon and me,” explained the ex-Prime minister.


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