Wednesday, August 3, 2016

2017 Macron, funding mosques: the confidences of Holland – The Point

This is an appointment as head of state enjoys. Each year at the same time he took the opportunity to slip some subliminal messages. Words meant to be “off”, but which quickly become ‘in’. This year at the House of Centrale in Paris, he was much more direct face reporters of the Association of the presidential press. François Hollande outlined the challenges of the next presidential corrected Manuel Valls on the financing of an Islam of France, quipped on Emmanuel Macron and scolded the opposition. All this in one evening

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Faced with a ready right to get rid of “legal arguments” to better fight against terrorism, Hollande door him as the defender of the rule of law. “The rule of law is the protection, security and freedom that can stay together without suspicion,” slipped the resident of the Elysee, reports Libération . If a candidate is not yet cohosh – “I am not a candidate, not yet, or ever,” he insists on Paris Match – François Hollande has a very clear idea of ​​the issues of the campaign 2017. His line is no longer that of 2012.

According to François Hollande, “the right is not comfortable” on the issue of security. “She fell budgets and did not meet its commitments,” he blurted, remembering to tackle two of his potential opponents, Alain Juppé and Nicolas Sarkozy. The first “made the neither-nor, and when you do neither-nor is that you are not clear about your proposals.” As for Nicolas Sarkozy, “he goes directly but too fast, too far,” said the president.

The reprimands to Emmanuel Macron and Manuel Valls

incorrigible commentator politics, François Hollande offered an ode to politics, says Paris Match, advantage of the moment to be ironical about the ambitions of his Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron. “The policy, he must love to do it, to treat it. (…) It’s not a bad job of doing politics, one has the right to do, even if it is not elected, “commented the head of state, mocking those” who want to do politics differently … as if it existed. ” Emmanuel Macron appreciated especially since François Hollande warns him about what he will say in its future meetings.

Still, the tenant of Bercy is not alone in having suffered reprimands Francois Hollande. Manuel Valls has also made charges after declaring in Libération on Tuesday he did not rule out “a form of public funding” of the Muslim Faith. “It is not possible that the state can, in one form or another, a finance cult,” corrected the head of state. Word to the wise …


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