Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Holland thinks Chevènement to direct the Foundation for Islam in France – francetv info

François Hollande spoke informally, on the evening of Tuesday, August 2, the name of the former Minister Chevènement to head of the Foundation for Islam in France, the executive wants to put . on track

in a meeting with the presidential press in Paris, the head of state stressed the need for the Foundation – established in 2005, but paralyzed by internal divisions – of exercise control, including on the financing of the construction of Muslim places of worship.

the debate on this funding has resurfaced with the attacks, particularly last week against a church where a priest was killed during mass at Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray (Seine-Maritime).

This foundation works of the Islam of France, “it the need to consolidate, develop the “, added the head of state, before quoting the name of the former president of the citizens’ Movement and the Republican and citizen Movement, Chevènement, known for his commitment to secularism, to head this body. Aged 77, he was Minister of Education (1984-1986) and Defense Minister (1988-1991) during the seven-year Mitterrand, then interior minister in the government of Lionel Jospin ( 1997-2000).

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