Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A because of Chinese tourists robbed near Roissy – Le Figaro

The 27 Chinese were attacked in front of their hotel in Gonesse, while they were loading their luggage into a bus supposed to take them to the airport. The authors would be between five and ten. Three people were hospitalized.

The twenty-seven Chinese tourists will long remember their trip to France. Tuesday morning, around 8:00, between five and ten men, gloved, arose in front of the Campanile Le Bourget hotel in Gonesse, where resident travelers. The 27 people were then taken to target the hotel parking lot while they were loading their luggage into a bus supposed to get them to Roissy airport to return to China. Two tourists and the translator were slightly injured and taken to hospital. Others were in shock. The amount of the damage has not been assessed immediately, but multimedia devices and cash were stolen.

According to investigators, the unfolding of events is extremely violent. “They sprayed the driver of the bus tear gas and kicked two tourists. They then seized many luggage before taking flight, “said a police source. The attackers reportedly arrived aboard two vehicles. An investigation was entrusted to the departmental safety, was opened.

Chinese tourists, Japanese and Korean, who often carry large sums of money are regularly the target of criminals in the Paris region. “Last year, we had several arrests in the department,” said the Departmental Public Safety Paris . “But mostly, these are thefts of small groups or couples. So attack twenty-seven people is outstanding, “she added. For a year, device protection tourists has yet been set up by the prefecture of the Val-d’Oise, in particular around Roissy where there are many hotels.

In May the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, had gone to Beijing to boost Chinese tourism in the capital, losing momentum after the 2015 attacks Not sure that this new business helps to improve the image of France in the Middle Kingdom.


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