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2017: Montebourg, the free electron PS to storm the presidential – BFMTV.COM

A pioneer and an innovator in policy, but also a “solitary” fan of brilliance beating Arnaud Montebourg, who announced Sunday his candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic, will have to convince to forget his image of “troublemaker” a little “odd”

Two years after his government’s ouster with Benoît Hamon and Aurélie Filippetti. – who would become his wife – the former socialist economy minister chose Frangy- en-Bresse to launch his presidential project.

Cantor of “Made in France”

Born October 30, 1962 at Clamecy in the Nièvre, the profession of lawyer that no one disputes the eloquence and presence became known in 1995 by filing a complaint for illegal interest on behalf of the Parisian taxpayers in the case of the apartment of the son of the then Prime Minister, Alain Juppé.

Elected MP for Saône-et-Loire in 1997 and appointed Minister of “productive Recovery” in 2012, Arnaud Montebourg has often been in the public debate of the themes that later flourished: the fight against corrupt politicians and tax havens, promoting a sixth Republic, defending the “de-globalization” and “made in France”, denouncing the liberal construction of the European Union …

“There are few politicians can claim to be associated with a brand like Montebourg is the Made in France” welcomes his lieutenant, Francois Kalfon. The image of Economy Minister in sailor impressed people.

“Inventiveness”, “cloth”, “fantastic character” …

a portrait published in Le Monde in 2013, the PS deputy of the Essonne Malek Boutih saluted the “courage” and “inventiveness” Arnaud Montebourg, seeing the “precursor of a change culture of political leaders. “

of all the potential opponents of Hollande in the primary,” he who has the most stuff is Montebourg, “said to the Agence France-Presse (AFP) near the Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

He also recalls the “character a little whimsical, a little exuberant” Arnaud Montebourg, whose provocations have long media delights, as when he estimated in 2007 that the “only flaw” Segolene Royal, candidate for president, it was “his companion” -a certain François Hollande.

“it has not created a group “

Questioned by AFP, a former collaborator Arnaud Montebourg at Bercy welcomes its ability to” be ahead of its time “, while deploring a certain” submission to the communication “and a tendency to surround himself with “gurus com and surveys,” Aquilino Morelle (during the campaign for the 2011 primaries) Francois Kalfon via Marianne Zalc-Müller (Bercy).

Other reproach by the former adviser who has since taken the field: Arnaud Montebourg is a “loner” who “wants to be accountable to anyone” and struggling to “give something back” to his entourage, as alliances -to evidence, the source said, the application face Arnaud Montebourg his former sidekick Benoît Hamon, supported by some of the slingers.

“it has failed to create a group, it has no MPs willing to die for him,” agrees anonymously friend Arnaud Montebourg.


“Arnaud Montebourg is not loved by the left of the party,” a visitor understands Hollande, while a hierarch of PS mocks the “gaucho gaullo-positioning, chevènementiste” Arnaud Montebourg. – effectively close Chevènement

the alternative Arnaud Montebourg , journalist AFP Antonio Rodriguez, Arnaud Montebourg, who left politics between 2014 and 2016 to engage in the entrepreneurial adventure, including working with the Habitat furniture company defines itself its policy as “a kind of social Gaullism. “

” a synthesis, “he says,” between Colbertism, love of the business, free enterprise, the taste innovation and protection of working people “.

A positioning” socialist but not only “enabling him to speak well beyond just the left of the PS, but n ‘indeed not necessarily herald the most obvious disappointed hollandisme, ecologists, communists or even rebellious.


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