Monday, August 22, 2016

Presidential 2017: Montebourg launches … against Holland – Boursorama

Presidential 2017: Montebourg launches … against Holland

Presidential 2017: Montebourg launches .. . against Holland

We were expecting a nomination, it was a declaration of war … François Hollande. In front of his friends came to Frangy-en-Bresse to support the opening match of their champion in the presidential race, Arnaud Montebourg was certainly not stingy proposals to build what he calls “the new France.” The key however, is not there, but in very special tone he wanted to give his speech. Yesterday, the ears of the Elysée current tenant must have been burning more than once because to hear Montebourg, almost everything is the fault of Holland in Bern economy, deindustrialization, rising unemployment , democracy failed, austerity … just if he has not made responsible for climate change and terrorism.

“in truth, I would not have been there before you to offer you an alternative project, made to confess mine the former Minister of productive Recovery. Because for me the alternative was the one we had thought put into power four years ago. “Pointing the” mess “, the” great missed opportunity “and” general neglect of those who elected us, “Montebourg pounded relentlessly Holland. “For me, the balance of this five-year period is not tenable,” he insists. Before adding in a true-false mea culpa: “Errors have been made on the path that brought us here and I take my fair share. The mistake I made is that of having failed to influence, correct, convincing. “And pointing the closure of blast furnaces in Florange which could have been avoided if they had been nationalized as he claimed the” tax and fiscal austerity became the mantra of this five-year period “and” a million more unemployed ” .

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Under the sun of the end of August, the man with the smock …

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