Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A man killed by firearms in Marseille – L’Express

The homicide occurred in the street on Avenue of the creeks in the city of Cayolle a sensitive area in southern Marseille. A 56 year old man was shot by firearm Monday around 23:30, police said.

The victim, adversely known to police as a source close to the case, not for the “drug environment.” The murder took place without direct witness, in a deserted street, the victim was shot “possibly by two men on a motorcycle,” according to the same source.

19 shot dead in 2016

The rescue came just minutes after the incident but could not revive the man, told a source close to the investigation. Given the past of the man shot and circumstances, the thesis of banal altercation is ruled out by investigators, without it being possible to evoke a reckoning at this stage.

The killing brings to 19 the number of deaths by bullets in 2016 in the Bouches-du-Rhône. On 7 August, two men twenties were shot at Kalashnikovs, always in Marseille in the neighborhood of the Carthusians, by a procedure of settling of accounts.


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