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 Bishop Dominique Lebrun, archev & # XEA;  that of Rouen (Seine-Maritime), wants to do the p  & # XE8; re Jacques Hamel, assassin & #  xe9; his & # xe9; church of Saint - XC9  & #;. take-du-Rouvray in July 2016, a holy  martyr (AFP Photo & # xA9; Charly Triballeau)
Monsignor Dominique Lebrun, archbishop of Rouen (Seine-Maritime), wants to father Jacques Hamel, murdered in his church of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, in July 2016, a holy martyr. (AFP Photo © Charly Triballeau)

He said he was ready to initiate a canonization process. Monsignor Dominique Lebrun , Archbishop of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) , announced Friday, August 12, 2016, want to do, the father Jacques Hamel assassinated during mass, Tuesday, July 26, 2016 by two young men claiming to be Daesh , saint martyr

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True to his faith, facing death

A August 15 in memory of the many victims of recent tragedies in Rouen. 20 days after the murder of father Hamel in his church of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, Mass August 15 Rouen saw tributes the priest brutally murdered by two individuals claiming to represent the Islamic State. This Mass of August 15, celebrated as everywhere this year “for France”, in memory of the many victims in recent weeks of terrorist acts or accidents, had a particular resonance in Rouen. “France is going through trials, our diocese through trials,” recalled the archbishop of Rouen, Dominique Lebrun. “We believe the father Jacques Hamel, his family, his parish, his town of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, and we also think the 13 victims who died in a tragic fire” in Rouen, he said .
on 26 July, the priest Jacques Hamel, 85, was murdered by two young jihadists of 19, while celebrating a morning Mass in the presence of some parishioners, south of Rouen. And ten days ago 13 youths perished in the fire in the basement of a bar of Rouen, at a birthday party.
“L’Assomption (the ascent to heaven of the Virgin Mary, in Catholic belief, Ed) is the party of the defeated death. “Marie” ascended into heaven without having tasted death, “the archbishop preached. But he had previously asked: “Is it really overcome this death, which took Jacques Hamel and these 13 young, violence in the Middle East and around the world? “
Mgr Lebrun repeated the call he made in the same cathedral, August 2, at the funeral of the priest, not to be tempted to” withdraw from the brotherhood “yielding to the anger vis-à-vis Muslims. Mass celebrated with the conspicuous presence on the left of the altar, the large wooden cross, surrounded by a red scarf, a symbol of martyrdom, which was hoisted at the priest’s funeral was attended by several hundreds. Soldiers and armed police patrolled the square outside.
Cathedral is around 15 hours from a procession to the Marian Basilica de Bonsecours, located on the heights of Rouen. After vespers celebrated in the basilica, Mgr Lebrun called the faithful to go and visit the grave of Father Hamel, in the lower cemetery adjoining the church building.

This long process should be imposed within five years. “Father Jacques Hamel can become a martyr saint of the Catholic Church,” said the archbishop, saying it “carefully preserved evidence about the father Jacques.”

Having a miracle , a condition generally imposed by the Church for canonization would not be necessary. For the martyrs, their loyalty (to faith, ed) before death takes the place of miracles. The death of Father Jacques Hamel is the ultimate testimony of his faith in Jesus, he affirmed to the end, “he says

& gt. The canonization process of the Church:
“The holiness of recognition procedure (…) can not begin until five years after the death of the person,” explains Bishop Lebrun “Formally, it is the bishop of the death of the person to initiate the procedure” canonization. “There is a local phase with a careful survey of the life and death of the person. Then “the cause” is sent to Rome where she studied before the decision of the Pope, “he concludes

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A procession of 250 pilgrims in Rouen

Monday, August 15, 2016, feast day of the Assumption Mary, the archbishop of Rouen called the faithful to come and visit the grave of the deceased auxiliary priest. The procession, which marched from the Rouen Cathedral and the Notre-Dame de Bonsecours, attracted about 250 people.

François Hollande received by Pope

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 François Hollande will be received by Pope Francis , Vatican almost Rome (Italy) . This tour will “following the events that took place in France, in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray,” said the Elysee. As a private hearing, the French head of state will not hold a press conference after the meeting

& gt. 22,000 people in the masses of the Assumption: the announcement of this move comes as Catholics celebrated, Monday, August 15, 2016, Assumption and pray “for France”, including Lourdes . An event under very high security, because of the terrorist threat , nearly three weeks after the murder of Father Hamel. According to officials of places, 22,000 people attended Mass celebrating the Assumption says AFP . For Catholics, this day represents the ascent to heaven of the Virgin Mary.
Francois Hollande will travel to Rome after presiding, in the morning, a new inner council of security and defense, designed to make the point on the counter-terrorism . This board will mark the end of his short vacation, started on his return from Rio, where he attended the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games .
French President could be back in the Italian peninsula from August 22 to a post-Brexit top with the Italian and German leaders, Matteo Renzi and Merkel , on the island of Ventotene.


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