Wednesday, August 17, 2016

An amusement park boss indicted after hitting a journalist of the “Eastern Lightning” – Liberation

Big blow hot Tuesday afternoon in the premises of Eastern Lightning in Troyes. A regional newspaper editor was violently attacked and hit in the face by the owner of the amusement park Nigloland, Philippe Gelis, who came to do battle with the journalist because of an article he wanted to disappear engine Google search. Posted on 15 August, the paper (rather harmless) tells how a (false) rumor of attack to come to the amusement park – the third in France in terms of attendance – is mounted yesterday on social networks after the Internet users have relayed that “suspicious individuals” were seen doing “rides pictures without going there themselves,” . A Facebook post, otherwise still online, tells the scene, which would have alerted the police in the area. A reporter from Eastern flash has contacted the prefecture and Nigloland to learn more and to reassure the readers of “” A security device is in place to Nigloland, “it should be recalled. gendarmerie reinforcements are present at the park entrance; parking access is controlled. In addition, security forces working with Team security charge “, can we read. Philippe Gelis is interviewed: “We have no particular concern” , he said. All is well, then.

Big arm

Except that the next day the same Gélis sees red in finding that Article goes on top of Google when you type “Nigloland” on the search engine. He called the chief editor of Eastern flash and request to delete Article results, that only Google can do (tutorial here, Mr. Gelis) and the threat to come “settle it with fists” , according to the account of a journalist Eastern flash , contacted by Libération . “I come in an hour break your face” , threat there, without being taken seriously beyond measure. Yet an hour later, roughly the time it takes to reach the seat of flash the East, Troyes, from that of Nigloland in Dolancourt (Aube) Gelis shows up at the reception log with two big guys. The man has no problem getting into the writing: it is one of the biggest employers in the region, and “it n ‘there is no reason to think that a person this importance will beat up a journalist , “says one Eastern flash . Gelis then grabs the collar the editor that he had the phone and hit him in the face (lips open) while his two henchmen block passage, witnesses said. “Be reasonable, guys. You are shit fuckers, you are terrorists, “ balance boss Nigloland. is 17 hours the police, whose premises are located in front of those of Eastern flash , put eight minutes to respond. Gelis (and his team) is arrested and taken into police custody.

Wednesday on the journal’s website, the general manager Jean-René Lore writes will “give this aggression suites court that are needed “. Philippe Gelis will meanwhile be indicted in the day to premeditated violence and put on probation, according to AFP. Trial scheduled in January. According to the prosecution, the alleged perpetrator stated in custody have only shaken the journalist and not giving punch: “It assumes and explains his action” . The article that Philip wanted to see Gelis remove Google has meanwhile disappeared from the first search engine page. Instead, we find that … on his indictment.



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