Sunday, August 21, 2016

Arnaud Montebourg, then it waits since he was a kid – Le Figaro

SCAN THE POLICY – The atmosphere Sunday at Frangy-en-Bresse party where the former minister announced his candidacy for president was good-but solemn

From our special correspondent in Frangy-en-Bresse

Arnaud Montebourg arrived at his noon comrades in time Bresse chicken. Himself guest of honor for this 44th edition of its popular Festival of Frangy-en-Bresse, eg “Day of the Rose”, he was greeted by a significant number of activists, and many journalists. The crowd, all had in mind the comparison with 2006, marked by the presence of Ségolène Royal before the presidential campaign. For the relatives of the former Minister of Productive Recovery, edition 2016, ten years later, is necessarily “the most important”. This is what the secretary of the Friends of the Rose, Anne-Lise Pelletier, on the basis “of a larger number of meals reserved” 550 in one case, around 700 in the other.

Prior to support Royal in 2006, Montebourg had hoped to attend a primary PS for the presidential election. In 2011, he harvested 17% of the vote, placing third behind Hollande and Martine Aubry. This year is his. That he expects forever. In the small crowd of those who welcomed Sunday under the trees between the school and the village hall of Frangy, Gerard Buatois elected 27 years in the General Council of Saône-et-Loire, in joking, “Arnaud, I know him well! This time, he waits since he was a kid, and even perhaps even longer … His presidential ambition is unquestionable. ” The suspense over the content of his speech is totally zero. Arnaud Montebourg appears to succeed Francois Hollande. And according Francois Kalfon now his campaign manager, he has hit thick and direct against the head of state. “He because of that we’re here,” said Kalfon.

“Francois Kalfon, the conductor of the campaign Montebourg

A table, Arnaud Montebourg has sitting to the right of the PS member of Côte-d’Or Kheira Bouziane always presented as aubryste. To the right of the candidate, his wife and MP Aurélie Filippetti, MP and opposite Cécile Untermaier. Fifteen MPs are present, their usual close and others as aubryste Pierre-Alain Mute, the chevènementiste Françoise Bechtel or Catherine Lemorton, President of the Social Affairs Committee of the Assembly. The latter had been ransacking his permanence in Toulouse before the summer on the sidelines of demonstrations against labor law …

Among the militants, as every year for this late summer party, the atmosphere is friendly. But the solemnity with which Montebourg wants to get into the presidential campaign affects everyone. No laughing. Dancing ban bourguignon is not appropriate. When the former boss of the department through the middle of the tables, we launch “Arnaud President!”.

In private, the odds are cautious. Jean-Pierre came from Tourcoing to listen. “I hope he will stand for president, my vote is acquired him. But if it comes to the primary PS, damn it. It is the hand of a direction that supports Holland. Montebourg not do anything … “. Moreover, he himself “refuse” to vote in the primary. “I do not have my card since the last convention and issue to participate in their tambouilles”.

Three young thirties from Paris in “curious”, Vincent, Simon and François, hoping to witness a “historic moment.” “We are in a time when the left has the choice between death and rebirth, says Simon. I hope to see the rebirth “Francis himself, said he was” perfectly able to vote Mélenchon in the first round “if there was to be no alternative” face to Francois Hollande, Manuel Valls and Emmanuel Macron. ” “We believe the most circumstantial man to the right man,” says Vincent.


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