Sunday, August 21, 2016

Nearly 2,000 Chinese show in Aubervilliers against aggression – Le Parisien

D e Chinese music echoed through the speakers. White mottled red T-shirts, where it is registered “Aggression, who will be next? “Are distributed in a hurry. On the square of the town hall of Aubervilliers, near 2000 Chinese slowly gather to shout their anger again. At 14 o’clock on Sunday, the imposing procession sets off, accompanied by a large police presence. ” Freedom ! Equality! Fraternity! And security! “Yells a man in the gigaphone

The crowd resumed its words and chants.” Safety for Everyone! “For from the aggression of Zhang Shaolin August 7, died from his injuries on 12 August, the Asian community has had enough. Between January and August, the number of assaults against Asian – especially Chinese – has tripled. “It is no longer acceptable, it must be strong reactions,” says Chi Wansheng, president of the Association of Chinese residents in France. “What happens in Aubervilliers is also a reality in La Courneuve, Pantin, in Saint-Denis, Paris and everywhere in Paris. “

” We must celebrate, not to let “

In front of the Town Hall, members of the Chinese community, from family, made the trip of all Ile-de-France. “We have to celebrate, not to be done! “Protested a thirty very angry. They denounce? Racism towards their community. “There is clearly a problem, denounced the owner of a bistro instead. The thugs who attacked the Chinese think that still has money on him … “

p & gt; Saturday around 15 hours a Asian woman has again been the victim of an attempted robbery snatching, avenue Jean-Jaurès at Aubervilliers. “The safety device reinforced in place since mid-August identified and quickly call the car owner”, says does one prefecture.

But for the Chinese, it will have to do more “multiply surveillance cameras, deploy more police officers on the ground and deepen prevention in neighborhoods, a protester list. For this bleeding continues, we will have to change attitudes. Otherwise, it will be more livable for our community. “On arrival at Quatre-Chemins, at the end of the procession, two men from the neighborhood were attacked suspected of trying to steal the bag of a protester. Molested by the extremely tense crowd, the two young men were arrested.


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