Sunday, August 21, 2016

In Aubervilliers, the dissatisfaction of the Chinese community organizes – The World

Demonstration in Aubervilliers August 21 at  the call of many associations of the Chinese  community against insecurity.

the wrath of the Chinese community organizes itself since the death of Zhang Shaolin, died of a character “racist” to assault, the mayor of Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis), Meriem Derkaoui (PCF). After two vigils in honor of the victim, Thursday 11 and Sunday 14 August came the alarm.

Nearly 2,000 people of Chinese origin (1,800 according to police) expressed Sunday in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis) their ras-le-bol repeated violence they claim to be victims and called for increased security measures. In serried ranks, over portrait of the father of 49, more candles, but rather, placards and slogans, such as “liberty, equality, fraternity and security for all! “ calling for more security.

” Everyone knows someone who has been mugged “

Many Chinese say who assaulted then multiply that police are underrepresented in the suburbs. “ Everyone knows someone who has already been mugged ,” says Leo, a resident of La Courneuve.

Many Chinese confess not carry bag hand in some neighborhoods for fear of it being stolen. The Chinese are known to wear them a lot of money in cash. “ A totally stupid prejudice and unfounded , Judge Leon, who runs a shop in Aubervilliers, 99% of Asians who are at the event are modest. ” It regrets that the mobilization is that community: “B M any people in the neighborhoods are attacked not just Chinese .”

In the demonstration in Aubervilliers.

Two hours before the event moved Popo Town Hall square to distribute tricolor flags and t-shirts. On the front, you can see a Chinese flag in a French flag, battery side reads “aggression: who is next? “. While most protesters wear this shirt, thanks to the mobilization of the people and the Chinese community who have helped out

Popo tells the spontaneity of gesture. “ people brought help voluntarily. The information circulated quickly on social networks, thanks to WeChat application that has allowed us to organize ourselves . ” The application, in the manner of Whatsapp, can create several threads and quickly disseminate information.

Older, Junjun prefer, a site dedicated to information from the diaspora and exchanges between Internet users. “ The emotion that word-of-mouth has worked well says Rui Wang, who organized the group in honor of Shaolin Zhang, this event was decided very quickly . with this mobilization, the support group of family Shaolin Zhang has already announced another march on 4 September in Paris.


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