Thursday, August 4, 2016

Attack in Nice: the balance goes to 85 deaths – Le Monde

A woman receuille before the flowers laid  in tribute to those killed in the bombing of Nice,  on 14 July.

Three weeks after the attack in Nice, the death toll mounts. A man wounded in the attack on the Promenade des Anglais died July 14, Thursday, August 4, the result of his injuries, said the Pasteur Hospital in Nice, where he was in intensive care since. Christian Estrosi, President of the PACA region, wrote in a message on Twitter, in which it extends its “thoughts for the girl, the family and relatives of Peter Hattermann” .

the death brings to 85 the number of people killed in the attack claimed by the Islamic State organization, and to 434 the number of injured. Professor Carole Ichai, Head of Anesthesiology at the Pasteur Hospital, said Thursday morning in the daily newspaper Nice-Matin , before the announcement of the death of Mr. Hattermann, that there were four people in intensive care, adult, three in “right track for improvement”

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A family decimated

The name of Pierre Hattermann had sounded after the attack, his family having been decimated the night of the attack, causing death his wife, Frances, 55, and his son Elouan 12 years.

Originating in Passy, ​​in Haute-Savoie, they were part of a family with six children. Two of them, a girl aged 14 and a boy of 33 years living in Nice, were seriously injured in the attack. The girl remains in hospital in Nice, but out of danger.

Pierre Hattermann was a psychologist in Sallanches, in Haute-Savoie. Françoise Hattermann, his wife, was a professor at the medical-educational institute Passy. Elouan, their son, playing ice hockey, was “a cute little kid friendly” , told him Vicky Lorans, president of Hockey Club of Saint-Gervais.

Shortly after the death of Françoise and Elouan Hattermann online jackpot has been opened to help the living members of the family. It has so far received more than 6 000

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