Friday, August 5, 2016

Nice ATTACK: they want to rename their college the name of a victim – Le Dauphiné Libéré

Laura Borla, 13, died in Nice attack of July 14, the death toll rose to 85 dead.

To honor him, a petition was set online on internet: the text requests that the Nice college of the bow, where was educated girl in 4th class, or renamed the teenager

to remember

“do not just victims are just victims who are forgotten within weeks or months later [...] the French Republic christens its schools on behalf of these great men and women that mark the history of our country for over two centuries. Today, Laura impressed people from all over France and forever mark the memory of Nice who have lost a child of their “country”, justifies the text, addressed especially the rector and the mayor of the city of Nice, the President of the county Council Eric Ciotti.

Already 8700 signatures

It’s Coralie Dubos, former supervisor Laura, which is the origin of the petition. This has quickly received the support of Laura’s schoolmates, his family … The text, posted on July 24, has already collected 8700 signatures.

Asked by Nice-Matin Eric Ciotti himself has expressed strong support for the motion: “This petition will be examined with the greatest kindness [...] If everyone agrees, then I would suggest that this establishment is named Laura Borla. ”


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