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Benedict Hamons’élance 2017 – Liberation

This time, he goes. The former Minister of Education Benoît Hamon, 49, is a candidate for the primary left organized on 22 and 29 January 2017 by the Socialist Party and its allies. Contacted by Libération before its passage on Tuesday night at JT 20 hours of France 2, the PS deputy of Yvelines confirms a choice that marks the start of the political season left. “I can win this primary,” he says, before a curry François Hollande he was secretary of state and minister from 2012 to summer 2014, but that it deems incapable of “gather” a new left majority for 2017: “Nothing will restore confidence he lost. We do not see what he would say or do during an additional five-year “ said the former spokesman for the PS, Martine Aubry who had supported during the primary in 2011. Opposed to the theory of “irreconcilable left” Hamon said he “the ability to speak to Communists and environmentalists Francois Hollande has more” and promises to bring proposals for “find fundamental to the social, economic and republican” . It will detail in the outline in a speech on 28 Aouta Saint-Denis, which must close two days a gathering entitled “To win in 2017″.

“modest growth”

If the timing of the announcement – in summer – is surprising, Hamon candidacy was expected. By September 2015, the deputy warns in Humanity “yes”, “should there be a primary left, [it] ruled [was] no participate”. Can April 8, on the eve of a national council of the PS, he ad executives to its current meeting in a gymnasium XIV th arrondissement, it s’ prohibits nothing for 2017. in mid-June, once the principle of a primary left announced by the PS, Hamon “made the rounds of support,” reports a close, and established “working groups” to prepare a campaign “no com box or guru.” And in order not to let Montebourg Mélenchon or occupy all the space to the left of Netherlands, the date to formalize his candidacy soon fixed: it will be after the final adoption of the labor law in late July <. / p>

Everything is ready for an announcement before leaving to rest with family in the Pyrenees. But the attack in Nice July 14 forced him to postpone his nomination. On July 22, he just published a video on his Facebook page to give appointment at Saint-Denis. Meanwhile, relatives of the former Minister deposited at the prefecture of Hauts-de-Seine, as revealed the Sunday newspaper, the statutes of its micro-party, called “the Benoît Hamon friends “and to collect the necessary funds for its future campaign.

in Saint-Denis, Benoît Hamon planned to place its first campaign axes. True to its anti-liberal positions, he will outline his proposals “for another development model” cleared, he argues, the “the growth of dogma.” “For thirty years we expect his return. This is part of a Mass, a religion rather than a political choice, “ says Libération who says advocate for ” modest growth “,” sober economically but rich in employment. ” With a focus on the social economy sector and “reviving the idea of ​​a reduction in working time.” Other defended track: a “minimum subsistence”. on democratic issues, besides the traditional “VI th Republic” Hamon proposes to “give strength to the left-right divide” and considers it “urgent to get out of the theater in which political divide that mimic a succession of imposture.” Finally, it should make the school and the fight against discrimination two major themes of his campaign

Too many alternative

Problem for him.?: to the left of Hollande and Valls, the political space is already occupied. Starting in June, two of his comrades of the left wing (Senator of Paris Marie-Noëlle Lienemann and former labor inspector Gérard Filoche) announced their candidacy. Arnaud Montebourg, back on the political scene since May, should he, accelerate its campaign Sunday in his stronghold of Frangy-en-Bresse. Too many candidates expected to wear “alternative” ? At a meeting early July in Paris, the “rebellious” Socialists have promised to present a single candidate. One of their leaders, Christian Paul, promises that their summer days, September 10 and 11 in La Rochelle, will be “a first meeting of the unit.” “Everyone is well aware that it will take only one nomination,” he warns. According to a relative of Hamon, he and Montebourg have seen in Paris before the summer. A Libération , the former Minister of Education claims to have “seriously considered” to support his ex-comrade of Economy. But Montebourg, argued Hamon, “had the belated recognition of the need to change the development model” and “its macroeconomic approaches are questionable as to their economic effectiveness.” the too jingoistic profile one with whom he left the government in 2014 and visions of the Republic also differentiate the two. A common application is, according to Hamon, “always possible” but only if it is behind it. “His support would bring weight to my candidacy,” he said.


If relatives ensure that the two men will agree, we might witness in the coming weeks, with attacks from both sides. “We can not say that since the spring, it really engages behind Montebourg, notes Regis Juanico, MP of the Loire and support Hamon. Benedict has not deserted the party or the Assembly for two years. It’s a small difference with Arnaud. “ First Lieutenant Montebourg, Francois Kalfon insists it on the ” sense of the State “ and its champion suspect other ambitions at Hamon: “We are not there to simply take a left segment. The goal is not to win a PS congress but presidential. “ Getting into the primary to make the PS after 2017? “If Benedict’s nomination is to prepare the next Congress is playing small arms, it will be right away, warns an official from the left wing of the PS . There are already some of the activists who look to Montebourg which itself has the most determined air. “ ” I’m not here to make a single lap, “ provides Hamon Libération , explaining that represent the legislative in Trappes (Yvelines) in case of presidential failure. A friend of the two men ahead of annoys “Gamecocks” that ad: “There is a space for a candidate. Not for two. The justice, it will be the polls. “ And for the moment, only Montebourg is tested in the polls. Relatives of Hamon nod tip when lack of middle Elysian their candidate. “It is not yet experienced as a president in power,” should Hanotin Mathieu, MP for Seine-Saint-Denis. But Hamon hope compensate for this in “given [ing] to see a more collective approach” . His team focuses on the militant forces and supporters in Parliament – already “twenty” , according Juanico. – Available one who hands on the Young Socialists

for a year Hamon travels silently federations to promote its law on consumer advocate for the recognition of burnout as an occupational disease or discuss the labor law. An underground campaign that helps maintain tissue militant quite useful at the time of a primary. His friends even dream of a support Martine Aubry. “Hamon think Holland will not go and is the only one to get the support of Aubry, unlike Montebourg, Valls face” decrypts a senior leader of the party. “We’ll see … His family do not send us negative signals” Juanico answers.

And if Holland goes and wins? Benoît Hamon said accepting the rule that the beaten support the winner, but recalls that the primary should be a “gathering”. So requires taking into account the balance of forces (and proposals) from voting sympathizers. Some of his supporters warn him: “If Benedict plays the primary, loses and supports Holland, he will be all alone,” prevents a frame. To convince that there is “to go after” , Hamon expected in September “a tour de France” and “meetings to foreign “. This much care about where, when and with whom

Lilian Alemagna


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