Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Presidential 2017: Benoît Hamon candidate for the primary left – The World

Former Socialist minister Benoît Hamon  announced his candidacy for the primary left,  Tuesday, August 16th.

the former socialist minister Benoît Hamon announced his candidacy for the primary left, scheduled for January 2017 on the set of the television news of France 2 on Tuesday August 16th.

“Yes, I am a candidate for president and I will participate in the primary organized by the Socialist Party. “

Mr. Hamon said he wanted to offer a “alternative” while “the successive five-year plans, the providential men too, but [that] the essential problems of the French remain unresolved. “

The National Council of the Socialist Party had approved in June, unanimously, the organization in January 2017 of an open primary to” government of the left “, after a proposal its first secretary, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis. The latter wishes to follow up the “Beautiful People Alliance” created in June 2015 after the Socialist Congress of Poitiers. This brings the PS, the Radical Left Party (PRG) and the pro-government environmentalists.

Montebourg overtaken

Benoît Hamon has overtaken the former Minister of productive recovery Arnaud Montebourg, another great figure slingers, who could announce his own candidacy during his political comeback Sunday in Frangy-en-Bresse.

Asked about a possible connection with Mr. Montebourg, Benoît Hamon said: “In a democratic process, we must express ideas, and if tomorrow there must gatherings, why not?” , but the primary is “decisive, because it is the only way to bring the left and leftist voters” .

“There will primary, we expose our ideas, the conditions of the gathering may arise if any in the second round “, has he said, adding, ” Arnaud Montebourg is not yet a candidate, s it wants to support me he still has a few days to do. “

” My belief is that the president of the republic [Francois Hollande] today, in light of the disappointment that he created in his own camp is no longer in this situation, it is too late to create a relationship of trust with the French “, he said.

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Model “in crisis”

former Minister also called “change of development model” and democratic model. “Our development model is out of breath. Do you realize what we’re willing to sacrifice to go after half a point of growth? The Labour Code, billions of public money, a challenge to our environment (…) “, regretted Mr. Hamon.

Citing including ” the mass unemployment worsens, increasing poverty, gender is wrong “, ” ghettoization and isolation of rural areas “, the MP assured of Yvelines “the real questions are systematically avoided by the various governments that have succeeded. “

” This is our democratic model that is in crisis, “, he lamented, because ” The French live in intermittent democracy “ and ” have the right to vote every five years but have no voice between elections “.

” the V th Republic this democratic model, it is a machine to betray “, he stressed, recalling that the government imposed in Parliament, and French, a labor law very maligned, and calling for “a sixth Republic” .


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