Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Brawl in Corsica: two people of Sisco released – Le Figaro

Three brothers of a “North African family,” the source of incidents by the prosecutor of Bastia, still remained in custody Wednesday night. Clashes had five wounded Saturday night in circumstances yet undetermined.

A few days after violent clashes between villagers and family of origin Maghreb in the Corsican village of Sisco, investigators are trying to find out what could have caused such a rampage. Following the arrest and placement in custody of five people on Wednesday, the prosecutor of Bastia said in the evening that the origin of Saturday’s brawl responsible “obviously” to members of a ” Maghreb family. ” Three brothers of this family arrested earlier in the day still remained in custody Wednesday night to “armed violence”. Two residents of Sisco were also placed in custody for “group assault”. These were finally released in the evening. The five men should be immediately tried Thursday afternoon before the criminal court of Bastia.

The brawl had five wounded Saturday night around a cove of the village and had required the intervention of a hundred policemen and gendarmes to restore calm. According to the prosecutor of the Republic, Nicolas Bessone, the three brothers “wanted, in a logic of caïdat, own beach and privatize”, adding: “They have increased (…) incidents with a number of persons: close to stone throwing others to intimidate, very high tensions, insults, threats. ” An “altercation” was then produced between “one of the village youth and male members of the family,” said Nicolas Bessone. “From there, the versions are diametrically opposed,” he said.

high voltage Rally

Witnesses had reported a dispute arising out of picture taking by tourists from Muslim women dressed in bathing cove.

Several testimonies and contradictory accusations had previously cast doubt on the reasons for the brawl. Witnesses had reported a dispute of taking pictures with tourists dressed Muslim women bathing in the creek. Several people cited by the islanders media had claimed to have been assaulted, including with knives and a spearfishing harpoon, by men of North African origin. Version contested by a young man with hidden face that had said on BFM TV, he and his family, of North African origin, were “insulted and attacked” on the beach by young people. They had then been reinforced by dozens of villagers and in the scuffle, several vehicles were overturned and burned.

The prosecution said the prosecutor, would “establish the full responsibility” and “this is to determine whether two people from the village participated in the violence say they have also been placed in custody.” Two of the three brothers of Moroccan origin were arrested in their homes in Furiani, a town south of Bastia, and the third, who knew he was wanted, appeared spontaneously in the gendarmerie. Both residents Sisco were also presented themselves to the police station where they were summoned, according to the prosecutor.

Calls for calm

On Wednesday night, several hundred people, residents of Sisco and many nationalists in particular, participated in a rally in support of two villagers at the Borgo military camp where they were questioned by the police. The rally outside the military compound protected by an important police device in riot gear took place without incident. On site, nationalist presidents of the territorial Executive Board, Gilles Simeoni, and the Corsican Assembly, Jean-Guy Talamoni, launched an appeal for calm.

In full controversy over the burkini, Mayor Socialist Sisco, Ange-Pierre Vivoni, who took an order Monday against wearing the Islamic swimwear covering the body and head, in his commune, also called “for calm and patience.” He has received support from the Association of Mayors of Corsica, which also expressed in a statement their solidarity with the people of Sisco and requested the State to “make respect scrupulously the rules of secularism”.

the incidents of Sisco are the most important since the assault on Christmas Eve of firefighters from extinguishing a fire and stoned and beaten in a sensitive city of the Emperor district of Ajaccio. The next day, rallies were glazed racist abuse and rampage of a Muslim prayer room.


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