Wednesday, August 17, 2016

LIVE. TER accident near Montpellier: six injured, one serious according to SNCF – Le Parisien

U n TER accident occurred Wednesday afternoon about 15:45, Saint-Aunès (Hérault), east of Montpellier, injuring several people: six people including one in serious condition according to a latest provisional toll from the train. A first assessment evoked sixty wounded. According to the first elements of the investigation, the train struck a tree that fell during recent storms. Firefighters sent very important ways. The tree ripped overhead lines, the SNCF traffic was still disrupted to 19 hours would be back before 20 hours, according to our information.

18.30. Last provisional toll: 6 injured, one serious according to SNCF . The latest provisional toll reported injured including 6 serious according to SNCF. The wounded seriously injured would no longer be absolute urgency but remains in a serious condition according to SNCF. The five other passengers were only slightly injured.

6:20 p.m.. A pine wayside fell on the train . The fall of a pine tree that was wayside was concomitant with the arrival of TER. The head of train was completely smashed; other trains were damaged on the side.

1:10. A frontal impact and on the left side . TER presented a frontal impact and on the left side of the lead car, described the departmental director of fire services and emergency Christophe Herault Risdorfer. Wholesale emergency resources were mobilized, with helicopters and about 80 firefighters. According to the SNCF, “access is very complicated, especially with large hail.”

18 hours. Alain Vidal attentive to the situation . The Secretary of State in charge of Transport, Sea and Fisheries. Landes MP, said on Twitter that all all means are mobilized to rescue the victims. “I am the situation closely,” he further said.

5:52 p.m.. A person in dire emergency . The departmental director of fire services and emergency Christophe Herault Risdorfer reported a person in dire emergency, transported by helicopter to a hospital, and seven others wounded in relative urgency and were being ‘ evacuation. he said that this report was not yet final.

17.45. A wounded helicopter . One of the three seriously injured was transported by helicopter; the other two were transferred to a hospital by ambulance.

5:41 p.m.. 250 people gathered in hall . The 250 passengers were not injured or slightly were grouped to 5:05 p.m. in the hall of Saint-Aunès.

5:36 p.m.. The driver of the train shocked but unhurt . Reportedly, the train driver was not injured but it is still very shocked.

5:25 p.m.. Last record: 3 serious injuries, 10 minor injuries. According to a latest report issued by the SNCF, three people were seriously injured in the accident TER; and a dozen others are injured only slightly. The vast majority of them were in the head train.

17.20. Uninjured passengers together. There were 200 passengers inside the TER as France Bleu. People who were not injured were grouped on the multipurpose hall of Saint-Aunès.

5:15 p.m.. Access complicated relief. “Firefighters and police are on site, access is very complicated, especially with large hail,” added the railway company gave no details on the number passenger and victims.

5:10 p.m.. The train was traveling at 140km / h . “A height of Lunel about 15:45, a TER crashed to 140 km / h fallen tree on the road after storm of unusual violence in the region,” said SNCF.

5:05 p.m.. The movement of suspended trains. According to France Bleu Drôme Ardèche. After the accident TER between Nimes and Montpellier line is closed and 4 TGV to Valence TGV provided are suspended

17 hours. Passengers tweeting pictures of the accident.

16 h 50. A man was ejected from the train .

4:50 p.m.. The balance of wounded heavier . A dozen people were “seriously injured” and fifty other “minor injuries” in a car accident TER Cres, east of Montpellier, have we learned from the emergency services

4:40 p.m.. Two injured in serious condition. There would be two serious injuries and ten people slightly injured, according to France Bleu citing relief. This TER started from Montpellier and was heading to Nimes.


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