Monday, August 8, 2016

Cécile Duflot stands the long list of environmental renunciations of the five year term of Francois Hollande – Europe1

Imagine you are a politician (potential) candidate in the presidential election. In August 8th, you choose to express yourself on …

1 / The cat’s day

2 / On the day of exceeding the earth

Cécile Duflot chose option two. Alerted by this event – humanity has exhausted date the resources available and can not renew in twelve months, and lives above its means until 31 December – the Green MP for Paris took the opportunity to knock the environmental policy (or lack of?) the five year term of François Hollande on Monday on France Info

a few days after using. be taken to Emmanuel Macron , which has touted nuclear power as “a sovereignty industry,” Green MP of Paris has drawn up a long list of what it considers environmentalists renunciations since the beginning of five-year . Anything goes, from the removal of night trains to buses Macron through Notre-Dame-des-Landes. It thus finds a “gulf between words and deeds”:

It passed a law on energy transition – I voted – except qu’aujourd ‘hui is a law of paper. It is a law that aimed to reduce the share of nuclear energy, develop renewable. And today, we hear the government support an absurd project, Hinkley Point , which really is a project of the twentieth century, which in addition may place EDF in an extremely difficult situation. So the whole question is to take action. Of course the state should say stop. We did take a vital risk to EDF, while Areva is now in bankruptcy. This is obviously the reason the departure of its CFO in the last few weeks. [...] For us environmentalists, it is terrible to see. It’s summer all environmental setbacks. Night trains is suppressed at the same time it develops bus. It removes what commitment the energy transition is to say, the desire to develop renewable massive way by saying, as stated by the Minister of Industry that nuclear was not negotiable and it ‘ sovereignty was a tool. We relaunched the very expensive project Lyon-Turin project when we know that we have much less costly in terms of rail and much more useful projects. I’m not talking about the obsession of Notre-Dame-des-Landes. In short, there is a real problem to pass the act.

Former Housing Minister continues by attacking again Emmanuel Macron in particular, and suggesting very strongly that the government has no political will on ecology:

I think [Emmanuel Macron] has clearly launched an anti-environmentalist offensive which is absolutely absurd in the period. The climate change is now a scientific reality that increasingly goes faster and the worst scenarios that those who have been established there five or ten years. We must act quickly and we were able to do it in history, remember the hole in the ozone layer: things are going in the right direction when there is political will .

the putative candidate for president then said, if it was not clear that the positions of Minister of industry undertake the entire government because “without a Prime Minister without a President of the Republic who do not agree with this type of policy, it does not implement.” He concluded:

Today this five-year period is becoming a spoiled five-year period for ecology, despite the agreement of Paris … because he does not need it’s still paper commitments, we must take action.


Cécile Duflot has not yet formalized to run for the primary EELV, but confirmed on France Info’s “desire to participate” … while expressing some reservations about the very process of the primary.

I know from experience that primary among ecologists has been a moment very difficult if a ecologists embrittlement elements . So if the conditions of the primary help transmute the primary, not to make a ball, but a point of support for a presidential campaign that carries the ideas of ecology and that takes us farther than we have done before, then yes of course I will want to participate. [...] As I wish we crossed a plateau than we were staying longer in this little family that looks china dogs, which cut hairs and not to the stakes , I do not want that we reproduced this experience.

Cécile Duflot at least until the end of August to decide. MEPs Yannick Jadot and Michèle Rivasi are themselves already as candidates.


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