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Corsica head anti-Muslim acts in France – Le Monde

The tensions between local communities and Muslim families that led to a “violent riot”, in the words of the Interior Ministry, in a cove of Cap Corse, the output Sisco (Haute-Corse), Saturday, August 13, fit into a particular context Corsican.

the latest data of the national Consultative Commission on human rights (CNCDH) reported a level violent racist higher than in other French regions.

Offset due of the terrorist attacks of November 13, the report was finally made of 4 to 11 January 2016. therefore, it does not take account of the recent attacks: the murder of police officers torque in Magnanville, near Paris, the truck on the promenade des Anglais in Nice or the slain priest in his church of Saint-Etienne- du-Rouvray, Normandy.

It does not take into account the recent tensions around the port of “burkini” that swimwear which gives the modesty of Muslim women and raises arrested by seaside towns. Mayor Sisco has also announced to have taken a similar measure in the wake of clashes on the beach of the town, being brawls occurred when several Muslim women bathing in the creek have been photographed by tourists.

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Background of increasing acts anti-Muslim

in a post-Charlie Bataclan context, the 26 th of CNCDH report on the fight against racism, antisemitism and xenophobia recorded the number anti-Muslim acts on the territory:

“While 2014 had resulted in a significant decrease of anti-Muslim acts (- 41.1% compared 2013), the latter believed particularly disturbing way at the beginning and end of the year 2015 in connection with two waves of bombings in Paris in January and November. “

In 2015, 429 events were recorded in France. Five regions alone account for almost half of anti-Muslim acts. Ile-de-France, Rhône-Alpes, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, PACA and Midi-Pyrenees

The anti-Muslim acts in 2015

in relation to the population, however, the recognition of acts-Muslims instead of Corsica in first place with an act for 18 000 inhabitants on average, followed by Champagne-Ardenne (1 per 87,000 inhabitants).

“in Corsica, this anti-Muslim resentment had also come to light during demonstrations on 26 and 27 December following the firefighters involved in assault during the Christmas night in the neighborhood of Jardins-de-Emperor in Ajaccio. Many protesters then chanted the type We’re home! or Arabi Fora ( Arabs outside ), while another group of demonstrators had ransacked the neighborhood prayer room and burned some copies of the Koran “ recalls the CNCDH

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following the killing of Charlie Hebdo January 7th, freshly cut boar’s head was hanging on the doorknob of a place of worship, in Corte, in the center of Corsica.

in 2013, the metal shutter of a halal butcher (and not a place of worship), which had been the target of attacks in Propriano buckshot during a night of August .


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