Monday, August 15, 2016

Revelations about the brawl Sisco – The Point

The authorities are still struggling to shed light on the origin of clashes that injured five on the small beach of Cap Corse, 48 hours after the “violent brawl”, in the words of the Ministry of Interior, that erupted Saturday around 17: 30 pm, in a cove just outside Sisco, a small resort located fifteen kilometers north of Bastia. The protagonists: young Corsicans and families of North African origin living in Lupino, a popular mixed and south of Bastia

In a terse statement, released Sunday afternoon, the prosecutor of Bastia. limited to disclose a “dispute that erupted between ten people from three families of North African origin, and young people of the region Sisco who received close reinforcement”.

But if the official voice awaits the findings of the investigation of the gendarmerie research section to comment on the circumstances of the clashes, witnesses of the scene are themselves far more eloquent. Originally clashes, according to several eyewitness accounts, a “clash” between three Muslim families and tourists enjoying their stint in the Navy Sisco to photograph the creek called “Scalu Vechju” very popular with the locals. “Feeling covered by Objective, the people of North African origin accused the tourists to photograph their wives, veiled, who bathed in djellaba and burkini, and stoned tourists,” said one witness. invectives exchanges, provocations, threats: the tone rises rapidly between the two groups

Wounded by a spear gun arrow

Assistant to the scene, a village teenager. accused of taking pictures of wives and to have filmed the altercation. “Shaken and assaulted,” according to testimony, the teenager and his friends call their parents “down” hastily village, joined by dozens of people. Tempers flare with “throwing stones and bottle shots.” A fight breaks out. The three families from Lupino are taken to task by the villagers who denounced “aggression”.

One of the parents, an old Czech-born legionnaire installed Sisco, two injured times in the hips, by gun-harpoon arrows. During the clashes, four other people were injured, including a pregnant woman, and evacuated to the hospital in Bastia. Three of them came out quickly and the other two left the facility Sunday evening, said a source close to the case.

Meanwhile, the security forces also prepared the clashes material balance: three vehicle families were burned, a wildfire, quickly contained, said he was close to the beach and the road was blocked by protesters. Protected by a large police and gendarmerie device – “a hundred men,” according to the Ministry of Interior – the three families were “exfiltrées” by the police. Not enough to down the tension. Sunday morning, several hundred people gathered outside the town hall of Bastia and the prefecture of the Haute-Corse, in protest after clashes occurred yesterday. A delegation was received by the emergency cabinet director of the prefect and secretary general of the prefecture. In the process, obviously unhappy with the interview, dozens of people went to the midday Lupino, and massed in front of a building where resident, according to the protesters, the families involved in brawl from yesterday. Bastia in front of the hospital, which have also gathered several hundred people to show their support to the injured, some skirmishes took place with the police who sprayed the crowd with tear gas after receiving stones at their trucks. After a few altercations, mobilization eventually dispersed peacefully around 14 h 30, but many demonstrators hid their scarce free will to fight. On social networks, calls for new rallies are already increasing.

“Avoiding the escalation” of violence

Given this climate of heightened tension and “in context which these events are part of “the two strong men of the island, Gilles Simeoni, nationalist president of the Executive Council of Corsica, and Jean-Guy Talamoni-independence president of the regional assembly, took place Sunday afternoon . In a joint statement, based on “multiple accounts”, the two members invoked “provocative behavior”, accompanied by a “communitarian claim explicitly or religious.” To “prevent escalation” of violence “and any scapegoat logic”, the duo called nationalist calm and the “rejection of any inappropriate response.” Will they just heard?


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