Monday, August 15, 2016

In Aubervilliers, the suppressed anger of the Chinese community – The World

“Death for nothing. “ A silent rally was organized by the committee to support the family of Zhang Shaolin, Sunday, August 14 at 15 pm, outside the town hall in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis).

the Chinese of 49 years died, late Friday afternoon, after five days in a coma. He was attacked on August 7 by three men while walking in the company of a friend, of Chinese origin, in this town northeast of Paris, which has a large Asian community, active in particular in the textile sector.

the attackers would have wanted to steal the bag to the other man, who was prescribed five days of total work interruption (ITT), a source familiar with the matter.

in Chinatowns, fear sets

on Sunday afternoon, a line of a hundred meters was formed outside the town hall of Aubervilliers where supporters deposited, each in turn, a candle and a flower. In this gathering, no slogan, simple cardboard placards that read in marker “Security for All”.

A large police waited for the thousand people gathered on the steps of city Hall. Anger is expressed about the attacks against members of the Chinese community. In the city, networks were also set up to escort individuals to the subway. Several witnesses, including, say not return alone at night

Elodie recounts an attacker wanted to steal the bag of his mother. “She was in a car with a window ajar. A hand wanted to drag, but we managed to prevent it from stealing the bag. “ Itself declares adopt certain reflexes and avoid certain streets.

Residents of Chinatown detail with emotion fear that installs in recent years, with, according to them, a violence increases during the assault. “Before, when we we were attacked, we did steal our bag. Now we are beaten and undressed us for our pockets, “ explains Rui Wang, originally a collective support to the bereaved family. “All families know someone who has been assaulted,” he slice.

“There is tired of being attacked like that, we must appeal to the Prime Minister and the President. There are many lost territories of the republic. We must act now, otherwise the Chinese will do justice themselves, “ is annoyed Denis, of Chinese origin, who lives himself in the south of Paris.

” racist targeting “

” the people of Seine-Saint-Denis and particularly those of Chinese origin (…) are the daily victims of assault , thefts, increasingly violent against them “, denounced the committee in a statement, adding that ” today before the ineffectiveness of the measures taken by the authorities, anger the inhabitants rises, the tension between the communities is palpable. “

The mayor (Communist Party) Aubervilliers, Meriem Derkaoui, denounced on Saturday a crime in ” mobile villainous “ and ” racist targeting “ calling not ” give in to division and stigma, “ while calling for police reinforcements. At the initiative of the municipality, a hundred people had already gathered Thursday night in front of the town hall.


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