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Corsica: high tension after intercommunal clashes near Sisco – The World

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Beach Sisco, a few kilometers north of  Bastia in Corsica.

A ” violent brawl “, in the words of the Ministry of interior, occurred on the evening of Saturday, August 13 in the Corsican Cape Creek at the outlet Sisco (Haute-Corse), a small seaside resort located a dozen kilometers north of Bastia.

“Four injured, including a pregnant woman, were evacuated to the hospital in Bastia. Their prognosis is not engaged. Three vehicles were burned, causing severe traffic disruption and a wildfire start quickly contained “ said Mr. Cazeneuve, in a statement in the night from Saturday to Sunday. The brawl ended with the intervention of a hundred policemen and gendarmes, the ministry of the interior.

Several hundred people gathered Sunday morning in front of the town hall Bastia and the prefecture of the Haute-Corse, in protest after the excesses that occurred the day before. The protesters denounced a “blatant aggression” against several village children Sisco who bathed on this small beach before being received in emergency by the secretary general of the prefecture of the Haute-Corse . Response fault “satisfactory” they believe dozens of people have headed to Lupino, a popular neighborhood located south of Bastia, where a large Muslim community and from which the protagonists of the brawl the night before.

Two spear gun arrows

originally clashes, according to preliminary evidence collected, a lively altercation first opposite several Muslim families residing in Lupino neighborhood of tourists who spend time in the cove of Sisco. The first accused the tourists to photograph their wives, “veiled” according to witnesses, which caused heated exchanges. A teenager from the village of Sisco was then his turn was accused of taking photos and videos of the scene, and was beaten. After “throwing stones and bottles on either side,” , several parents in the village called in by their children rushed there.

The one of them, of Czech origin but long time resident in Sisco, received two gun-harpoon arrows while his son was beaten. These two people were Sunday still monitored to hospital in Bastia due to their injuries. Judicial sources, their days are not “endangered” .

Meanwhile, large police and gendarmerie forces converged on the small beach while residents Sisco took part in the three Muslim families, protected by a cordon of police. Two of the fathers in these families were injured during these clashes. One of them was issued an ITT ten days before leaving the hospital in Bastia on Sunday. As the tension is at its peak in Bastia and one fears of intra clashes, the investigation was assigned to the Research Division of the police.


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