Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tensions in Corsica after a violent brawl – Le Figaro

VIDEOS – About 500 people gathered Sunday morning at Bastia after a fight between Corsica and North African communities in Sisco that killed four wounded

About 500 people participated Sunday in a rally Bastia in a tense atmosphere after a violent brawl between members of Corsica and North African communities that left at least four wounded in Sisco in Haute Corsica.

“A dispute broke out between members of three families of North African origin, and young people of the region Sisco who received around reinforcement,” said late Sunday ‘ afternoon the floor of Bastia in a statement. An investigation was opened in flagrante delicto ‘meeting for violence, “to establish its origin,” he told AFP.

“This altercation led by different types of violence including stone throwing, hitting and throwing bottles. Three motor vehicles, also were burned. The police managed to control the situation, of great violence, and to support the five injured people were admitted to hospital in Bastia, “says the prosecutor in the statement.

A minor girl, witnessed clashes, speaking on megaphone in front of the people gathered, reported that the brawl had broken out while several women who bathed in Burkini were photographed by tourists. Insults were uttered by a group of young people of North African origin, according to the young witness. Several older men of North African origin, then arrived, armed with hatchets, going after a group of young Corsican people, aged 15 to 18 who were on the beach, according to testimony. Parents of young people in their turn occurred and two of them were injured with harpoons, said the girl.

“The tone is mounted,” “the village people took “added the girl that the tires of several of their cars were slashed by Maghrebian women while villagers overturned cars and set fire to two vehicles belonging to members of the North African community.

One hundred policemen and gendarmes were sent in to restore calm. The research section of Ajaccio was seized of the investigation.

Tensions in Bastia

In the late morning on Sunday, protesters were received at the prefecture of Bastia. At the exit, in a very tense atmosphere, the crowd shouted “to arms, we will go up because we are at home” and headed for the neighborhood Lupino – peripheral location, and culturally diverse – including mobile gendarmes blocked the entrance.

Shortly after the demonstrators went to the hospital where a young man of North African origin, wounded Saturday is hospitalized. CRS stepped in positioned themselves nearby and have used tear gas after being the target of projectiles, found an AFP journalist.

“Quiet Call”

Four people were injured, including a pregnant woman during the incidents, announced Saturday the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve stating that their prognosis was not engaged.

the five injured people had all left the hospital late Sunday afternoon said the prosecutor told AFP. None of the protagonist has yet been heard by the gendarmerie in Corsica charge of the investigation.

By Saturday, the interior minister condemned “the violence with strength” and “ensured the mobilization of its services as part of the investigation” legal “to shed light on these facts intolerable and call the perpetrators “.

the President of the Corsican Executive Board Gilles Simeoni and that of the Corsican Assembly, Jean-Guy Talamoni, launched a” call for calm and refusing any reaction inappropriate “condemning” provocative behavior and violent acts by external person in the town, “accompanied” by witnessing a communitarian explicitly claim “.

In a tweet, the president of the county council of Corsica, François Orlandi called this “unacceptable aggression” or “sanctioned”. But the “call for calm and composure is needed to avoid that amalgam stigmatize an entire community that wishes to live in peace in an island where she works for decades and where often the children were born,” écrit- it.


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