Two common Alpes-Maritimes have issued orders prohibiting “Burkini “on the beaches. – AP / SIPA

the” reasons “and” circumstances “to be determined” with precision “asked Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior. “A dispute broke out between members of three families of North African origin, and young people of the region Sisco who received around reinforcement,” said late Sunday afternoon the floor Bastia in a communicated. An investigation was opened in flagrante delicto ‘meeting for violence, “to establish their origin, he told AFP. But as a young girl, who witnessed the scene, this is due to a problem Burkini
 a violent brawl broke out Saturday on Sisco beach in Corsica, injuring four people whose days are not in danger

& gt; & gt; Fact: A brawl four injured on a Corsican beach

At a rally on Sunday in Bastia, this underage girl, witnessed the clashes, told the megaphone that the fight had erupted when several young women bathed in burkini and pictures were taken by tourists. It is at this point that the insults were allegedly made by a group of young people of North African origin, according to this testimony has collected by Agence France Presse.

Attempts to harpoon and flat tires?

Many older men of North African origin, would then arrived, armed with hatchets, going after a group of young Corsican people, aged 15 to 18 who were on the beach, according to testimony. “My brother was beaten, he is shocked forever,” said another protester. Parents of young people in their turn occurred and two of them were injured with harpoons, said, meanwhile, the girl.

“The tone is mounted and people town took, “added the girl that the tires of several of their cars were broken out by North African women while villagers overturned cars and set fire to two vehicles belonging to members of the North African community.

“To arms. We will go up because we are at home “

This Sunday morning, about 500 people gathered in Bastia. Some of them were received at the prefecture. At the exit, in a very tense atmosphere, the crowd shouted “To arms, we will rise because home”, before heading to one of the cities of Lupino district whose students of North African origin are natives.

the mobile police blocked access to the area. Angel Vivoni, Mayor Sisco, launched an appeal for calm. The research section of the gendarmerie of Ajaccio was seized of the investigation.

The burkini (a neologism defining swimwear for Muslim women wishing to observe the tenets of their religion) is at the heart a controversy in recent weeks. An aquatic center was finally canceled an event organized by an association of young women wanting to bathe in Burkini. Several mayors of the right of southern France have also taken bylaws to prohibit bathing in the garment

& gt;. & Gt; The Mayor of Cannes makes an order prohibiting the wearing of Burkini