Friday, August 5, 2016

Eiffel Tower evacuated Friday night due to the presence of a suspicious package –

“This is an exercise in internal simulation, as is done in dozens per week, went wrong. There is one employee who thought it was real. And the Eiffel Tower was evacuated, “he told this source, incensed by the event.

” There was to be no evacuation of people, “she said, describing the incident a “mistake” due to a “misunderstanding”. The police source also ruled out the hypothesis of a possible suspicious package.

No estimate of the number of evacuees was available.

The company operating the monument n has been joined by AFP.

This quack occurred on the day of the announcement of the cancellation of two major events in France after a series of jihadist attacks that culminated in November 2015 paris and Saint-Denis (130 deaths) and July 2016 in Nice (85 dead).

for security reasons, the European cycling road championships will not be held in Nice from 14 to September 18, just as the great fair of Lille scheduled the first weekend of September.

the Eiffel tower is a symbol of Paris and France. Since its inauguration in 1889, nearly 250 million visitors came to discover, according to its operator.


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