Friday, August 19, 2016

Emmanuel Macron: ” I am not a socialist ” – Le Figaro

On a visit to Puy-du-Fou, where he was welcomed by its founder, former candidate presidential sovereignist Philippe de Villiers, Emmanuel Macron took the opportunity to attend a show on the Christian martyrs in antiquity alongside the former leader of the Movement for France

Asked about the political message that this visit could generate, he immediately swept the comments, which he said he was “neither right nor left” and said:. “L honesty compels me to say that I am not a socialist. “

an outlet through which Emmanuel Macron once again demonstrates its commitment to cloud the few days of the fall of the government. As has usually after every little phrase, he then justified: “I’m in a left government but who cares when you are a minister, you are Minister of the Republic and therefore you serve the public interest? . “

for his part, Philippe de Villiers welcomed the visit of the Minister of Francois Hollande, who is” somebody open. ” “This is the first time I see a minister, beyond the right and left divisions condondus, drive a tank as boldly,” he joked while Bercy tenant had entered the ‘arena of gladiators.

Officially, this move was intended solely to greet the economic success of the park Puy du Fou which accuilli last year more than two million visitors. Since its creation, there is nearly forty years, no minister left only went on the site.


“At the Puy du Fou, Emmanuel Macron tackles Maginot line policy


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