The “jungle” of Calais, night, March 1, 2016 – PHILIPPE HUGUEN AFP

Far away, the migration crisis s is sharp this summer in Calais since the Prefecture now counts 6,900 migrants in the camp of the “Jungle”, a record that marks a higher increase to 50%.

This development is a challenge for the government, which has set a goal late 2015, to bring the camp population to 2000 people and that “no more migrant must sleep outside.”

“There is more instead of “

Since October 2015, the government has yet stepped up measures to discourage migrants to travel and settle in Calais. As examples, the camp area was reduced by nearly half in February and nearly 5,400 migrants living in the camp left the area since November for reception and orientation centers (CAD) spread all over France, authorities said.

But nothing, and associations have even said last week, “surprises” by the flood of refugees. In one month, “it is 2000 more people that settled,” claimed they. A figure for once close to that of the State: + 2415, compared to its last census there two months. 53% more than in mid-June

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According to the associations, the number of migrants living in the “Jungle” exceeds 9000 (9106 precisely ). “There is no room to install the tents given to newcomers. The proximity of the shelter makes significant fire risk, “say these associations, including L’Auberge migrants. Queue meal was split, reports the prefecture

A minority of refugees live in facilities adjoining the hard “Jungle”. 1500 the temporary reception center, 250 center Jules Ferry. Others sleep in tents or shacks.

No explanation for this increase

Without giving any explanation to this new influx, the Prefecture of Pas-de-Calais on similar to that of summer 2015 (6 000 migrants in October this year).

the state has gone to great lengths to dissuade migrants from crossing the Channel, then the population had decreased , falling to 3,500 last spring. With financial support from Britain, illegal crossings of the railway tunnel were rendered almost impossible. Further work was undertaken to secure the port of Calais and the ring road that leads there, along a time the “Jungle”, with the current installation of a fence of four meters high meant to ensure the free passage of trucks for England

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On Friday, the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais reminded “the state’s commitment to that a permanent solution can be proposed for each migrant. ” “Sustainable installation on the camp Heath Calais which will eventually be dismantled, can in no case be considered an acceptable life project.”