Thursday, August 4, 2016

Evacuation of St. Rita: a godsend for the right and the FN – Le Parisien

XV. At the request of the owner, the CRS dislodged yesterday those who illegally occupied the church, known for its animal blessings. The intervention was strongly moved by the extreme right activists and elected officials.

D ehind a cordon of CRS yesterday morning, a priest in black robes, close to the French Action nationalist movement contemplates the pavement a statue of the Virgin and missals stack. An activist of Civitas, a fundamentalist Catholic Association, flits between a choir boy dressed in a red dawn, a borough councilor (LR) XV th encased in his tricolor sash and frigid Barjot the former muse of the Manif for all opposed to gay marriage.

at the request of the owner, the Association of Catholic and apostolic chapels, the St. Rita church was evacuated by the police in the morning. The building, known to Parisians and beyond for its annual blessing of animals, is to be demolished. Instead, a promoter Rennes, the company Garibaldi, should build housing and parking for residents

Considered without architectural interest by the Commission du Vieux Paris, church -. That is not consecrated by the Vatican – was the subject since 2010 to a showdown between the owner and the Gallican church which occupied. The faithful, and the prelate in his head, not paying more for ages lean rent that was asked. They eventually leave last year. Since then, their fight was recovered by a group of Catholic fundamentalists.

“We knew the night before that the church was going to be evacuated, says a new leadeurs sling, Father Jean -François Billot, of the Institute of the Good Shepherd, a traditionalist movement. Then we came to a fortnight and we slept on church pews. “Yesterday, at 6 am, before the expected arrival of CRS, a Latin mass was even celebrated.

This expulsion was off its hinges right. The group Republicans in the Council of Paris denounced “an unworthy evacuation.” “The present locally elected police violence have seen several of them have even been dragged ashore, girded with their scarves, as well as the cure”, they accused.

All this “when France is overcome with emotion after the cowardly murder of a priest,” added Philippe Goujon, the deputy mayor (LR) XV th . More or less the same message tagged on the fence that blocks the facade. “In France, killing priests, churches are shaved,” it said.

The National Front has also taken over the case. “And if there was parking on the site of Salafist mosques rather than destroy our churches? “Suggested Marine Le Pen, the party president on Twitter. For its part, the police headquarters recalled that it merely applied a court order sought by the sponsor and the Catholic Association website owner.


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