Thursday, August 4, 2016

London: one dead and five wounded in a knife attack – Le Figaro

The murderer, a young man of 19 who suffer from mental problems was arrested shortly after the incident that occurred Wednesday night at Russell Square, a public park. British police do not exclude terrorist track.

A woman was killed and five people were injured Wednesday night in a knife attack in central London. The author of the attack, a young man of 19 who suffer from mental problems, according to police, was arrested shortly after the incident that occurred shortly before 10:30 p.m. local (23:30 Paris time) on Wednesday in Russell Square near the British Museum. He is in custody at the hospital.

Mark Rowley, Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, does not exclude any hypothesis that the terrorist trail evoked by the police in the first release, and announced an “increased police presence” in the streets from London. Questioned on the phone about the elements leading to envisage a terrorist attack, a Scotland Yard spokesman has however declined to comment.

The woman who died in the attack was aged sixty years. Five other people – four men and one woman- were injured, but the severity of their injuries was not specified. The author of the attack was stopped using a taser, a taser. A security cordon was erected around the premises. A tent has been installed by the scientific police.

“This is a safe area and usually very quiet, especially at night”

“I was trying to buy a beer when I heard a woman screaming running after a man. I thought it was a flight bag, there were passersby. She went up the street at least 50 meters, she was not hurt, “he told Agence France-Presse Xavery Richert, a French tourist 22 years. “I went outside to smoke a cigarette, I went back, there were firefighters, police, and then I saw the body under a sheet, one could only see the feet sticking out,” he added. Constantine Somerville, a waterfront left home after help arrived, explained that “this is a safe area and usually very quiet, especially at night. Why someone would commit an attack it in such a neighborhood? “

On Sunday, the police chief in London, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, warned against a possible attack terrorist in the UK. “As the person responsible for preventing such an attack, I know you would like me reassure you. But I fear I can not do it completely, “had he said, responding to concerns raised after the terrorist attacks in France and Germany. “Our threat level is at severe ‘for two years. It will remain so. This means that an attack is highly likely. We can say that this is when, not if “it will happen, ‘he said again. The terrorist threat level was raised to 4 on a scale of 5 August 2014 in the UK, meaning that an attack is considered “highly probable”.

“You could say that this is when, not if ‘an attack will take place

in December 2015, following the Paris attacks the previous month, the metropolitan Police London announced it would bring more of its police handguns and semi-automatic weapons and Taser electroshock weapons.

On Monday, a man found guilty of attempted murder by decapitation on the London Underground in December 2015, a qualified attack as “terrorist” by the authorities, was sentenced to life in prison. This attempted decapitation was inspired by the deadly attack in 2013 against a soldier Lee Rigby, last deadly terrorist attack in the UK. Lee Rigby, 25, was killed with a knife by two men near a military barracks in south-east London.

On July 7, 2005, four coordinated suicide bombings in rush hour in three underground trains and a London buses had left 56 people dead and 700 injured. The attacks were claimed by a group claiming to be al-Qaida.


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