Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Extreme unction to St. Rita – Liberation

Dressed in a long black gown, the man wants to be very solemn. “I started forward, arms outstretched to protect the altar.” Nearly two hours after the evacuation of the Santa Rita church in the prefecture, in the XV th arrondissement of Paris, Father Jean-François Billot no regrets. As thirty other people he came in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, “protect” this place of worship, organizing a Mass at 6:00.

since October, this parish is squatted by fundamentalist groups – mainly from the far right persuasion – who refuse destruction, planned since 2011 (see cons below) . An occupation that has lasted too long, for the Association of Catholic and Apostolic Chapels, owner of the building located rue François Bonvin. Hence his appeal to the expulsion, to begin work – social housing and parking. A procedure entirely legal: the High Court of Paris gave on January 6, “judicial authorization” “to expel” . and the State Council, he urged, July 5, “the prefect of police to issue the assistance of the police force.”

Must frigid Barjot

Informed of the evacuation the day before, ten elected XV th , refractory to the project, were stationed outside the building in protest. Several parishioners, “came complete independence” , but also activists, including the French Action, have, themselves, barricaded inside, some spending the night there. They were evicted by riot police during mass, about 7 hours. Images shocks guarantees on social networks: Father Jean-François Billot, refusing to go out, dragged to the ground by a policeman

There, too, the inevitable frigid Barjot.. The figure of the Manif for all, which now looks under his real name – “You know him? Virginia Tellenne “ – was notified via Facebook. “We came together to defend symbolically, praying. But, in addition, make it the day after the funeral of the father Hamel is very unwelcome “ adds:. ” Look, there is space next to install housing, “ showing a small vacant lot next to the church, now barricaded. Posted before, CRS mask partially written inscription on the fence, in large red letters: “In France, we kill the priests and shaves churches.”

in the street, a lady wearing a blue veil of religious indignant: “How is it possible to do that?” next to her, on the floor, lay faithful objects in the church. One of them, came on the eve of Seine-Saint-Denis for “protect St. Rita,” ensures that the police “authorized the recovery of ornaments.” So “all we can recover, we take the” says a determined woman. Censer, statue of Saint Rita, liturgical books, painting the portrait of the Virgin … the faithful empty the building. But also sleeping bags and clothes hitherto left in the church. Because beyond the occupants arrived the day before, ten people resident in the parish. Including Pierre Zoubir. The young man, accompanied by his pregnant wife, says “live [r] here since early October, to prevent the destruction of the building.” It was he who opened the door for Mass Wednesday. Face hidden behind his long hair, it ensures “being affiliated with any movement, just the word of the Church.”

The Young Men lattice

An exclusive membership in the Church: this is the answer to most respondents, many refusing to give their name. Young men dressed in military fatigues all claim on a mocking tone, call “Marc Levy.” of literature enthusiasts? According to a man before this building, they would especially “recited antisemitic words all night before Mass.” and seem unwilling to meet reporters. At the mention of the presence of the French Action in the church the day before they are clenched: “You will not note it, anyway? That’s wrong, nobody was claimed as a member. “ The political movement, via a statement on Twitter, yet asserts its presence on the scene. Assertion confirmed by Nicolas store messages and nicknames, president of the Association of St. Rita of Arches and founder of the sovereignist movement Rassemblement pour la France. And also suggest the presence of “factions traditional Catholics, Civitas type” he sees as “marginal” .

that this militant since the beginning of the mobilization for the church, the expulsion was a surprise: “After what happened near Rouen, I was not expecting me,” he says. Hard to believe that man is precisely came the day before to prevent the evacuation. As William Tanoüarn. This religious traditionalist, close to the French Action, is, since October, in charge of the office in St. Rita, despite the closure of the building. “We knew they were going to go, we had prepared rubbish bags to complicate their task.” An action organized with the regular occupants of the church, this great man balding and slightly paunchy called, affectionately, “his zadistes.” “people turbulent” rather say Olivier Rigaud, Councillor for mayor XV th , came also block the arrival of CRS, thus following the line of the mayor, who denies the destruction of the building. The man, who told “shocked” by the police operation, today announced that the municipality will complaint. At his side, Aymeric, a young man of 19 who wears an orange wristband “Jesus, I trust in you” ( “Jesus, I trust you”) and returns Global Youth Day. He is there to “defend our culture and heritage.” Later, a man, smoking cigarettes and statue in hand, fills a car. Saint Rita, patron saint of lost causes, is engulfed in a gray Renault.

Amélie Quentel


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