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Santa Rita: the left looking down churches – Le Figaro

FIGAROVOX / MOOD – The evacuation muscled by twelve cars of CRS of St. Rita Church in Paris, promised destruction, was certainly not a way to do a few days after the martyrdom of Hamel father, says Eloise Lenesley.

Eloise Lenesley journalist. She collaborates with talker .

In the morning rain in July, the beautiful words of François Hollande sound like an insult to the vision: “ To attack a church, killing a priest, c ‘ is desecrating the Republic , “he confided a few days earlier, after the savage murder of father Jacques Hamel. And demolish the St. Rita Parish, nestled in the 15th arrondissement, to build private and social housing, with a bonus parking, what then? Assaulted a priest and his flock to throw them out in full Mass, what is it?

assaulted a priest and his flock to throw outside in Mass what is it?

the legal action, the struggle of local residents, the active support of the municipality LR 15th, they have delayed maturity, are, for now, unable to overcome the inexorable: the cause of St. Rita does seem hopeless. No less than twelve CRS cars landed to kill the door with a chainsaw, and then evict the occupants protect the building for months, the sword of Damocles hanging over his arch concrete, first of its kind to have been erected in France. It will unfortunately not enough to justify a “landmark building” classification which would have saved excavators.

There, Olivier Rigaud, managing director in charge of housing, unusually bent of the scarf Mayor says we have witnessed the “violent evacuation”, during which the priest and several parishioners were “dragged on the ground” and where “the elect were manhandled”. The process has something shocking. “ I was warned at the last minute last night at 21:00 by the prefecture who clearly expected me to be absent and on leave ,” the deputy mayor of the 15th Philippe Goujon, scandalized, believes that, in addition, the police have other things to do in this emergency period. Furthermore, the chief of staff of the prefect, not the prefect himself, who contacted him. Not very classy. “ I was ashamed to see a priest drag the ground, interrupting a Mass, I am ashamed for my country ” added Frédéric Lefebvre MP. For its part, the left practice the ostrich policy, based on a judicial decision upheld by the State Council, at the request of the owner, the association of Catholic and Apostolic Chapels, and sponsor.

what about the claims of local residents and the ongoing efforts of Philippe Goujon to find a buyer can perpetuate this place of worship? Orthodox or Egyptian Copts, among others, would be interested.

What about of the claims of local residents, fiercely opposed to destruction, and the ongoing efforts of Philippe Goujon to find a buyer can perpetuate this place of worship? Frédéric Lefebvre denounced “ a clear desire to scuttle any church recovery attempt .” Yet, Orthodox or Egyptian Copts, among others, would be interested. Part of the political and media class left strives to discredit the defenders of the church emphasizing the profile “catho tradi extreme right” of its “squatters” and rushing to forget that good number of inhabitants of the district, believers or not, see a very dim view a Gothic church built in 1900 was razed. The fact that radical splinter groups are particularly mobilized on the ground should not tarnish the nobility of the battle, one that ensures the safeguarding of cultural heritage increasingly threatened by ideologies and low ambient electioneering. Gallican Church, outside the framework of the 1905 Act, and not recognized as a historical monument, famous for the picturesque blessings it bestows animals each year, St. Rita can only rely on the pugnacity of his supporters to stand.

at a time when France is moved to the martyr Jacques Hamel, where Manuel Valls speaks to fund mosques and the training of imams, where Bernard Cazeneuve dream concordat, which Hollande claims to address his compassion Christians and honored with his presence the Mass of Our Lady – who royally snubbed him that the enthronement of Pope Francis in 2013 – it does not understand that churches are abandoned to their fate and demolished brutally evacuated by government forces struck in history, crushed into piles of rubble in a indifference tu cynicism. We could not come at a worse.


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