Friday, August 12, 2016

Jacqueline Wild soon attached to his parole – The World

Jacqueline Wild she will come out of prison? Justice Friday, August 12 makes its decision on the parole application of this woman sentenced to ten years in prison for murdering her abusive husband before being granted a remission of sentence granted by François Hollande earlier this year .

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Become the symbol of domestic violence, she should know in the morning if the enforcement court sentences (TAP), which sits in the prison Réau (Seine-et-Marne), where she is in custody, access or not his request. Prosecutors in Melun took requisition favorable to his release. “This is a record that meets all the requirements” , told Agence France-Presse (AFP) counsel for the city, Beatrice Angelelli, who plans to appeal if the court made an unfavorable decision.

If the decision of the Penal enforcement court is favorable, “it will necessarily be accompanied by an electronic monitoring” , said the lawyers of M me Wild Nathalie Tomasini and Janine Bonaggiunta.

mobilization Wave

François Hollande had granted January 31 presidential pardon “partial” this woman of 68 years, convicted on appeal in December to ten years imprisonment by the Assize court of the Loir-et-Cher for the murder of her husband, who beat her for many years and had raped his daughters. She had been convicted at trial and on appeal, of killing her husband of three shots in the back in 2012, after forty-seven years of marital hell. The Advocate General requested confirmation of the conviction, ruling that “self-defense is absolutely not sustainable”

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Jacqueline Wild was transferred early February to Réau prison to undergo psychological and medical expertise to “evaluate” his “dangerousness” . Following this evaluation, the multidisciplinary commission for security measures, a committee including the prefect of the department and a barrister, issued a “unfavorable opinion” for his release. But it remains consultative.

The condemnation of the sixties had generated a wave of mobilization and demand for presidential pardon made by his daughters had been supported by many parliamentarians and personalities. A petition “Free Jacqueline! »Had collected 400,000 signatories throughout France

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