Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jacqueline Wild waives appeal his continued imprisonment – Le Figaro

Jacqueline Wild, sentenced to ten years in prison for murdering her abusive husband, has given up appeals after the denial of justice to grant him parole, announced to AFP its lawyers.

it is “exhausted the judicial harassment against him,” said Nathalie Tomasini and Janine Bonaggiunta. The penalty enforcement court (TAP) Melun (Seine-et-Marne) on August 12 refused to grant parole to this woman became a symbol of domestic violence and partially pardoned by François Hollande.

Ms. Sauvage “will file a new application for parole if she wishes,” he told AFP the prosecutor Melun, Beatrice Angelelli. But “to date, our client is not in this state of mind,” noted Ms. Savage lawyers.

Jacqueline Wild, 68, was sentenced on appeal in December to ten years in prison by the Assize court of the Loir-et-Cher for the murder of her husband, who beat her for years and had raped his daughters. The Head of State had granted January 31 a “partial” thanks in particular to the safety period, which allowed him to immediately submit a request for parole.

His conviction on appeal had sparked a wave of mobilization and demand for presidential pardon made by his daughters had been supported by many politicians, who were again outraged the rejection of his application for parole. In its decision, the TAP Melun had accused Jacqueline Wild “not enough to question his act,” according to his lawyers.

The TAP had specified that Ms. Wild “could not claim to live nearby places of the facts, in an environment that, given the support it enjoys, and media coverage of the facts, might hold in a victimhood position. “


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