Thursday, August 18, 2016

A right and left, non-accumulation of in 2017 did not pass – BFMTV.COM

With the approach of the entry into force of the law on the non-accumulation of, parliamentarians want to get a reprieve. Two bills, filed by both left and right politicians, hoping to extend the deadline, originally set for March 2017, 2020 and 2021.

On August 8, eleven senators PS and PRG have cosigned text (visible below) calling for “phased implementation” of the law adopted on 14 February 2014. on August 9, LR 160 MPs registered a similar bill. They want to “exceptionally” allow elected to combine local and parliamentary mandates, “until the next general renewal of the deliberative assembly of the community.” Daniel fasquelle, deputy mayor (LR) from Le Touquet and signed the application believes that “local ownership” of an elected necessary. It ensures that a local mandate given to a parliamentary “force against his party.”

On the left, “we knew the right was preparing to file a similar text” explains Luc Carvounas, PS signatory of the proposal.

Bad timing

Left and right agree on one point: the timing of the introduction of non-accumulation of bad. “We must at least complete the terms for which one is elected,” pleads with Samia Ghali, PS Senator of Bouches-du-Rhône and mayor of the 15th and 16th arrondissements of Marseille, who signed the bill.

“It’s ridiculous to be elected to a term as mayor until 2020 and we not go through, it is even a question of democracy, “she says.

Although the text” permits a deputy or senator resigned because of multiple directorships to be replaced by his deputy, “the elect dippers want to continue their local mandates through. Samia Ghali ensures that the issue of the deadline was “gone by the wayside” during the adoption of the law, and that “nobody had measured things.”

On the right, the signatories , which include daniel fasquelle and Christian Jacob according to Le Figaro , also regret having to “abandon” their mandate and their local roots.

Among the signatories of the proposal from left, Luc Carvounas sees him beyond 2020. Senator-Mayor (PS) Alfortville believes that “the law passed in 2014 is not a law that will limit the accumulation of mandates “and that it” will not favor the renewal of the political class. ” This close to Manuel Valls claims to have “taken advantage” of this bill, because “the debate is not over” and advocates a “non-overlapping in time.”

The non-cumulative benefits

Earn functions, but also earn wages. If a ceiling of 15,000 euros is already fixed, the bill ensures that the left “in the parliamentary cumulative situation then have no other compensation than his parliamentary mandate.” Right, the text is less clear because “the local executive functions related allowances would be reduced and capped.”

In various polls, the French showed very favorable to the non-accumulation of. Although the measure is acclaimed in the opinion, it still does not unanimity among political. In June, Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the Party Republicans, was included in the draft of the party referendum removing the non-accumulation of. Daniel fasquelle LR states that parliamentarians law of the proposal is that “the implementation of what was decided in the party” and that “there is no desire to hide anything” .


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