Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Manuel Valls “understands” the mayors that prohibit Burkini – Liberation

While in Leucate (Aude) a fifth town hall has just taken on Wednesday, an anti-Burkini stopped on its beaches, Manuel Valls gets wet in the controversial debate of the summer: should we ban it or not Islamic swimsuit? For the Prime Minister, there is no dithering. “The beaches, like any public space must be preserved religious claims” he said in an interview with the daily Provence.

Far from relegating this outfit that covers the body and head bathers to “a new line of swimwear, fashion” Valls sees “the translation of a political project of society against “. “I do not accept this archaic vision, still warns the Prime Minister. There is the idea that, by nature, women are harlots, impure, they should be completely covered. “ from there to approve the mayors who took bylaws prohibiting burkini as Cannes and Villeneuve-Loubet (Alpes-Maritimes), Le Touquet-Paris-Plage (Pas-de-Calais) in Sisco (Haute-Corse) or in Leucate on Wednesday? Valls told “Mayors understand that in this time of tension, have the reflex to look for solutions, to avoid disturbing public order”. A reference to the main ground (risk of gatherings, clashes, etc.) that mayors put forward to justify the prohibition of burkini, the principle of secularism is not enough to ban the garment in public space. The Prime Minister does not mean to wish legislating on the subject:

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taking an uncompromising secularism

This position is consistent with the line of Manuel Valls, always taking an uncompromising secularism and that was one of the few socialist deputies to pass the law against the veil in 2010. But the fact that the head of government chooses to engage, in the heart of summer, on as flammable controversy may seem surprising.

especially as his minister specifically in charge of women’s rights, Laurence Rossignol, had already expressed Monday. While also condemning it held a “deeply archaic” , it had been more reserved about the relevance of bylaws and warned against “political ulterior motives” that could hide such bans. A shade Valls also wished to bring, saying support these mayors “if they are motivated by the desire to encourage living together without political ulterior motive.”

” Islam must accept the discretion “

Farm on the issue of secularism Valls had already taken his side against the grain, expressing, in April, in an interview with Liberation personal desire to legislate on the veil at university: “we should do this, but there are constitutional rules that make this difficult prohibition” he had specified. In the interview this morning to Provence also gives reason to Chevènement. Tipped to head the Foundation for Islam in France, the former interior minister did not hesitate to call Muslims “at the discretion”. For the Prime Minister “must be that Islam, like other religions have done, accept the discretion in the manifestation of religious beliefs”.

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