Sunday, August 7, 2016

Migrants to the Franco-Italian border, the pressure rises – Le Figaro

A group of migrants, backed by No Border, was able to reach Menton Friday night. If almost all were delivered to Italy, this episode illustrates the chaotic situation at the crossing.

Polo Ralph Lauren blue small gold buckle ear and red cap on his head, “Francis,” as the young Italian is prénommer said, has nothing of the image of a No border, these activists who advocate open borders to refugees. François Sunday was yet the most fiery spokesman of the movement that had called for demonstrations in front of the old town of Ventimiglia on the Italian border, after an explosive weekend, punctuated by the forced passage of migrants Menton and death – a heart attack – an Italian police officer sidelines of clashes near the reception camp for migrants in Ventimiglia. Finally, the No Border have opted for a simple press conference in the presence of an impressive array of carabinieri. “In the current climate of exploitation, make a demo today would be suicide,” explained François moreover, in perfect French.

Influx of refugees

Friday as activists acknowledge, dozens of them were present with migrants when, on the beachfront in Menton, the latter spent the boundary strength, overflowing the police presence. The Alpes-Maritimes prefecture is also reported the arrest of four No Border. According to Italian media, three of them in possession of bats, knives and black hoods, would be French. Francis, present during the coup, gives his version: “What happened on Friday, are 400 migrants in the host camp of the Red Cross Ventimiglia who have decided, independently, no longer stay there. They communicated their willingness to go to Balzi Rossi (near Menton, Ed), and in solidarity, a few dozen of us went to help them to give them food and drink. “As for the tragic episode of policeman died of a heart attack, says François have learned from the media after being chased tear gas blows the migrant camp.

in fact, since the closure of the host camp Ventimiglia station last spring, the small border town is on the edge of chaos. For close the camp did not stop the refugees, mostly Sudanese and Eritreans, come massage is here, hoping to go to France. The Catholic Church first deputize the state for up to a thousand migrants in the small Sant’Antonio church. Then the authorities have installed a new camp on the outskirts, but limited to 360 places. “Last Thursday, telling a French activist, they served 600 meals at noon with only 75 kg of pasta. That is not enough, the refugees are hungry. “For the Italian authorities, the camp is not intended to permanently accommodate refugees. They must apply for asylum or leave, and they can not, remain in theory more than seven days in the camp.

“The device holds”

As for the French authorities, it is ensured that the situation at the border is under control. “Of the 200 people who crossed the border Friday, 152 were arrested the same evening on the beach, explains François-Xavier Lauch, Chief of Staff of the prefect of Alpes-Maritimes. Twenty-three were then arrested in Menton. Then another twenty Saturday. Overall, those who had tried to pass were taken. “In total, between Friday 17 hours Saturday at the same time, by counting these 200 migrants spent force, the police made a record of … 356 arrests, as well Menton in trains or in the Roya valley. All were sent back to Italy for non-admissions.

For the prefecture, these numbers prove it, “the device takes.” After the Nice attack, he had also been strengthened, with the military operation came “Sentinel” in the Roya Valley, became for passage migrants seeking a privileged axis of bypassing the police presence installed on the coast. “These military especially ensure the territorial defense missions,” says François-Xavier Lauch, which nevertheless ensures that their presence is a deterrent for the candidates in the process. Since Friday, the coastal system, which includes two units of mobile forces, is meanwhile on alert.

Officials of the State position on the French Riviera indicate that he was not surprised for the episode of Friday. The information received, including through cooperation with the Italian services, presaged an operation supported by the activists of the No Border. In June, already, even if the event went unnoticed because of the European Football Championships, it was necessary to intervene, says François-Xavier Lauch, to use in the Roya Valley a former border post occupied by these activists .


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