Sunday, August 21, 2016

Presidential 2017: the program made in France Montebourg – Le Parisien

D u heavy. Arnaud Montebourg will come out the heavy artillery on Sunday on the occasion of the feast of Frangy-en-Bresse (Saône-et-Loire), where he declared candidate in the 2017 presidential election if the former Minister of Recovery productive will not give any clear indication of his participation in the primary PS – “for the moment we want to keep the pressure on the Rue Solferino to obtain the guarantee that the ballot will not be locked,” says his entourage – it should instead present an arsenal of shock proposals for the next five years.

in a happy sovereignist register, the cantor of the made in France intends to implement a mandate “voted by the people” to renegotiate with Brussels some Community provisions. Reportedly, Montebourg such promises if elected president to engage in a showdown with the Commission to remove the Directive on posted workers. Even unilaterally ban on French soil. It also plans to review the mechanisms of public control in order to promote French companies.

In the patriotism, Montebourg will announce the return of compulsory national service for boys and girls, according to new arrangements. The young people concerned will have to give a little of their time and energy to the country to meet solidarity and development issues in particular. Objective, according to a close, “renew the idea of ​​nation, community of interest of rights and duties.”

On the economic front, the former Minister of Bercy wants to create a large bank covering SME risks, the current BPI (public investment Bank) are considered useful but undersized. Most original, creating a local public employment service, placed “under citizen control” at regional level.

In terms of purchasing power, Montebourg, which was converted into the private after leaving the government in September 2014, provides that employees receive greater participation on the profits of their business. Finally he would like the opportunity to four million renters of the housing stock to acquire their homes.

Emmanuelli, PS deputy of the Landes calls “irresponsible” Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon. In an interview to “South West”, the former president of the National Assembly, figure of the left wing of the Socialist Party, declared himself “against the idea of ​​a primary if the outgoing president is candidate. I find it inappropriate, incongruous and, frankly, dangerous to the limit. “


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