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Jacqueline Wild: a case with multiple twists – Le Figaro

In early August, the court had refused she finishes her sentence outside the prison. Jacqueline Wild had then appealed before backtracking. But this Sunday bombshell: we learn that it will eventually challenge the decision

It was believed the court battle ended Jacqueline Wild.. Finally, the woman, 68, sentenced to ten years in prison for murdering her abusive husband, decided to challenge his detention and appealed the Tribunal’s decision the execution of sentences (TAP) Melun, even though she had given up the last few days. The objective of Jacqueline Wild, partially pardoned by the president in January, is to obtain his release by being placed under electronic bracelet.

“She had called the first time, she had withdrawn and there she made a new call for the rejection of the application tribunal sentences” Did we explained to parquet Melun. This new appeal was filed Friday, just days before the deadline for the procedure, scheduled for Monday, August 22 Europe 1 indicates that revealed the information. This new development is part of a long criminal career.

September 10, 2012: the day of the murder

La Selle-sur-le-Bied in the Loiret. After yet another argument with her abusive husband, Jacqueline Wild takes sleeping pills and went to rest in his room, she lockable. Her husband drinks alcohol on the ground floor, back and knocks on the door claiming soup. It opens and is beaten. Norbert Marot goes down and takes a glass of whiskey he sipped on the terrace, his back to the house. Upstairs, Jacqueline Wild takes the shotgun propped against a wall, and pulls down three times in the back of her husband. She calls for help and says his crime. In custody, she said no longer endure the violence of her husband.

October 28, 2014: first trial, first sentence

The Assize Court of Loiret condemned to ten years imprisonment. During the trial, her three daughters, raped and beaten by their father, testify for the prosecution against him. “Our father died and to me, that’s a relief,” said one of them was raped at the age of 16. In an interview with the Madame Figaro , they told us these past years of hell with their father. The son also suffered the violence of his father and committed suicide the day before Jacqueline Wild shot her husband

1 December 2015:. The sentence is upheld on appeal

the Assize court of the Loir-et-Cher confirmed on appeal the sentence to ten years in prison. The Advocate General found that “self-defense is absolutely not sustainable.” The lawyers Jacqueline Wild demanded the release, calling for “pushing the limits of self-defense applied to domestic violence situations”

December 8, 2015. Mass mobilization and demand through presidential

His conviction on appeal raised a wave of indignation in France. Several supporting events are organized during the months of December and January, including the appeal of feminist collectives. On the Web, a petition gathers hundreds of thousands of signatures. Meanwhile, several artists and elected officials are mobilizing. A support committee is created with the Socialist Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, the environmentalist former MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit and the leader of the Left Front Jean-Luc Mélenchon demanding his “immediate release” and “revise the law on self-defense. ” Same fight right. LR colleague Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet visits Jacqueline Wild in prison while a petition signed by more than 80 elected right and center asked François Hollande to pardon the sixties. In the process, the daughters of Jacqueline Wild addressed the same request to the President of the Republic.

January 31, 2016: François Hollande pardons partially Jacqueline Wild

Unusually, Francois Hollande gives a “partial” because that allows Jacqueline to present a Wild parole. What she does. To evaluate his dangerousness, justice makes him spend six weeks of psychological and medical tests. After a report is transmitted to the penalty enforcement court (TAP) Melun, to consider his request for release

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August 12, 2016: court rejects rejects his request for provisional release

Eight months later, the court in Melun created the surprise by refusing to release her. The judges particularly criticized the detained “not enough to question his act,” according to his lawyers. This decision aroused unanimous opposition within the political class, some right-wing elected even to the point that it is the very authority of the Head of State was violated. The detained for 68 years and the prosecution appeals this decision.

18 August 2016: Jacqueline Wild waives call

Surprisingly, Jacqueline Wild waives appeal his continued imprisonment. It is “exhausted the judicial harassment against him”, justified his lawyers. “She stops, she does not feel like she feels helpless,” reported Janine Me Bonaggiunta on iTV (see video below).

19 August 2016: She finally appealed this decision

New twist: Jacqueline Wild appealed the decision of the Sentence Enforcement Court. Its goal remains the same: to convince the judges that she can serve the remainder of his sentence outside prison under electronic surveillance

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