Monday, August 22, 2016

Primary right: the announcement of Sarkozy, “a matter of hours,” according to Jacob – Le Parisien

C hristian Jacob, president of the group Republicans (LR) in the National Assembly, announced Monday morning on Europe 1, its support for Nicolas Sarkozy in the primary of November that shall designate the candidate of the Republican right for president. “I call her application of my wishes” and “I will support,” said the Chirac of origin, became the right arm of Jean-Francois Cope to the Assembly after several ministerial portfolios in the governments of Jean-Pierre Raffarin and Dominique de Villepin.

“If there is a subject that is unanimously in France today is that the French want to stop amateurism of the five year term of François Holland. And I think that Nicolas Sarkozy has both the experience, temperament, composure, ability to decide and also the energy to be the president, “said the Seine-et-Marne MP , sliding the announcement of the candidacy of the former president was only “a matter of hours.”

According to the Opinion, Christian Jacob will also tonight with Nicolas Sarkozy, met with Laurent Wauquiez, Brice Hortefeux, Eric Ciotti, Gerald Darmanin and some other heavyweights of his future campaign.

As for Jean-Francois Cope, also a candidate for the primary (20-27 November) and yesterday in the JDD knocked on the outcome of President Sarkozy, Jacob will not support him in this internal competition. “I have friendships that are known with Jean-François,” “I supported the presidency of the movement. He decided to run for the primary election. He knows from the beginning that I will not be in this adventure but this does not prevent us from working together. “

The interested chose to respond with humor. On Twitter, the deputy mayor of Meaux spoke late morning a “tough week”. “Chirac, you who have been there in 1995, help me! “He wrote, referring both to the friendship that choice Chateaurenard (Bouches-du-Rhône) by Nicolas Sarkozy for a meeting Thursday in the town where he himself orchestrated its annual return for ten years .


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