Monday, August 22, 2016

Nicolas Sarkozy: “I decided to run for the presidential election” – Le Figaro

SCAN THE POLICY / VIDEO – Former Head of State publishes a new book Everything for France in which he gives his campaign five axes: truth, identity, competitiveness, authority, freedom.

“I decided to run for the 2017 presidential election . France requires we give it gives everything. I felt I had the strength to fight this battle at a time so tormented in history. ” By this sentence, written on the back cover of a new book ( Everything for France, published by Plon) that Nicolas Sarkozy marks Monday its campaign entry. “I hesitated, I returned data from the debate in every way. I tried to be as honest as possible vis-à-vis the other, my family, like myself, “he says. While Nicolas Sarkozy “listened” and then “finally (he) decided.” “It was such a relief because evidence had imposed,” he notes.

This book says the former president, “is the starting point.” “Faced with so much distrust of public speaking, I want to convince the French that the campaign debate must integrate fully in the presidential term,” he continues. For the former head of state, “only saying all before, we have the legitimacy to do everything after. Nothing will be possible without this requirement for clarity. “

” I hesitated, I returned data from the debate in every way. I tried to be as honest as possible vis-à-vis the other, my family, like myself “

This program outline, he presents five axes as many “big challenges ahead.” The truth; identity, “our first fight to defend our way of life”; competitiveness for France to “again become an economic power”; the authority as “the authority of the teacher at school has never been more challenging” and that “minorities earn blackmail against those in power”; and freedom, “an asset to restore trust and hope in the future.” For Nicolas Sarkozy, “the five years will be that of all the dangers but also all expectations.”

Décidé tranformer to its entry into event campaign that would blow the presidential ambitions of its competitors, Nicolas Sarkozy takes everyone to court Monday by revealing the publication of a new book. The second in eight months. If it comes into campaign before August 25, left no room for doubt, the project of writing a new work had not been confirmed by the entourage of the former head of state.

After the success of The France for life (Plon), published in January and sold over 100,000 copies, Nicolas Sarkozy has transformed the test. Since the beginning of the year, he has made each of its sessions dédidaces a forum. In many libraries or shopping centers, sometimes located in peri-urban areas, hundreds of people came to meet him. The opportunity to reconnect with the militants, the president of Republicans saying certain that those who pay 19.90 euros for his book and wait for hours for a signature would be the first to vote on the day of the primary.

A strategy that actually seemed to pay. Month after month, Nicolas Sarkozy has gained ground in the polls. Some institutes even indicate that it is elbow to elbow with Alain Juppé in the only supporters Republicans. But not enough to overcome the mayor of Bordeaux in investigations which relate to the second round of the primary, which could involve a wider circle of voters. “I will participate in the primary of the right and center. I will respect each of the rules, “says Nicolas Sarkozy.

Twelve candidates are already on track for the primary right, scheduled on 20 and 27 November. They will however be much less able to actually occur, since the required number of sponsors to finalize their approach (250 elected at least twenty parliamentarians and 2500 members).


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